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Natural Cures: Acid Reflux

Massage for Acid Reflux
Posted August 09, 2010

Often times, due to stress and how people tend to hold their breaths, the diaghragm muscle begins to stick under the ribs and due to the heavy dose of cortisol blasting our tummies when we're under stress (say a car pulls out in front of you and you have to slam on your breaks to avoid hitting it) that heart pounding/gut wrenching kinda thing. Well,. the stomach happens to be in that same area and quite often needs to be pulled down/readjusted to settle down reflux. My clients specifically call to come in for a massage because they can tell they're not quite right and feel the difference immediately before and after.

I was diagnosed with a hiatal hernia back in my early 30s; which produces the same symptoms as acid reflux. Once I began getting massaged & bodywork regularly and haviing my abdomen worked on to the point of shifting my whole trunk, all symptoms of any hiatal hernia disappeared and have not returned and I know they wouldn't find any such thing if I were to have the same upper GI today.

Edgar Cayce had numerous cases involving digestion/assimilation and the treatment was frequent application of castor oil packs to the abdomen along with frequent massage.

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EGSN -Eliminate Gerd Symptoms Naturally
Posted June 07, 2009

A combination of Fish oil and Fiber, in adequate quantities can completely eliminate symptoms. It eliminated mine and I am now pain free going on three years. I give away instructions on how to take the formula for free on my website, www.freeheartburnrelief.com. It really is free and it really does work. Testimonials are on the site.

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Apple Cider Vinegar works
Posted August 05, 2008
I have had GERD for many years and used to rely heavily on meds. After reading the patient insert on Prevacid recently, I was scared into seeking alternative treatment. I'm glad I did! I tried Apple Cider Vinegar (I drank it straight and it burned terribly) and then went about my day. After five hours I realized that my symptoms were gone and that I had not taken my usual calcium anti-acids! I understand the new concept that it is an under-production problem and not over-production so this makes perfect sense that an acid would be the cure. I started out taking ACV twice a day for two weeks then switched to one Golden Delicious apple a day. I have now been off the medications for two months.
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