Losing Custody of Obese Kids!

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Breastfeeding Prevents Behavioral Problems

Insider’s Health EXCLUSIVE:

Winter Health Tips, Pt. 2 – Keep Your Family Healthy

Wrapping up the two-part series of the Winter Health Guidelines, Insiders Health provides expert information on how to deal with common winter conditions, including chapped skin, colds, and fever, as well as practical tips on avoiding falls.


While our children find their fast food favorites like chicken nuggets, French fries, chocolate milk, and caramel dippers simply irresistible, these traditional happy meals actually make health professionals and parents “unhappy”. Today we round up a few healthy alternatives to your typical kids’ meals to get rid of the extra calories, saturated fat, and other processed ingredients. From home-made...

Big Babies & Vaporized Desserts

New study shows that babies recognize size as a sign of dominance. Apparently, most babies expect the bigger cartoon characters to win over the smaller ones. In other news, a chef comes up with two new processes for making low-calorie, vaporized food. He claims that his inventions can help satiate one’s cravings without the gaining the extra pounds. Insider’s Health...

What’s Not to Like?

https://youtu.be/Fx19f1q6NOM 21 year old son of Cleveland Cavilers owner, brings laughter while promoting tumor awareness. He suffers from Neurofibromatosis, which causes mostly benign tumors on the nerves, brain, and spinal cord. Also the Ambassador of the Children's Tumor Foundation, he hopes to raise more money for research to fight tumors in children. Insider's Health Exclusive -->>:  Click Here to Find out...

Winter Sports Safety Age Guide For Kids

Be sure your children stay safe and healthy during the holidays with this winter safety guide. Experts reveal the appropriate temperature for kids to be out and about and the right age for a child to engage in winter sports safely. Insider’s Health EXCLUSIVE:

Fatal Bowel Problems in Children Linked To Popular Vaccine

First problems with the diabetes drug Avandia, now this... The FDA has announced the GlaxoSmithKline vaccine for rotavirus, called Rotarix, could increase risk for serious bowel problems – potentially fatal problems. A study conducted in Mexico shows there is an increased risk of developing intussusception within 31 days after the initial dose of Rotarix. Intussusception is an obstruction that occurs...

Barbie Moms and Toddlers and Tiaras: What Are We Teaching Our Children?

In a world where children already seem to be growing up too fast, news stories about mothers  who push their little girl’s to grow up even faster can’t help but make you shake your head and wonder: “Just what exactly is being taught to the children who will be our future?” This is certainly the case when you watch instances...

Animation Contamination: Are Disney Films Giving Our Kids Complexes?

Animation Contamination Are Disney Films Giving Our Kids Complexes

Once upon a time… As a child of the 80s, I inevitably grew up with a stockpile of Disney VHS’s by which I lived and died. A dramatic assertion, I know; but at a time when the world is a black hole of unknowns, they provided the comfort and consistency that every child yearns for: the bad guy will never...