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Maternal Supplementation with Probiotics During Pregnancy Reduces the Likelihood of Atopic Eczema

In a review and meta-analysis of randomized, controlled, double-blind, placebo-controlled studies investigating the effects of probiotic intake during pregnancy on the development of atopic eczema in children, it was found that probiotic supplementation during pregnancy was found to prevent atopic eczema in offspring 2 to 7 years of age.


"Impact of maternal supplementation with probiotics during pregnancy on atopic eczema in childhood - a meta-analysis," Doege K, Grajecki D, et al, Br J Nutr, 2011 July 26; [Epub ahead of print]. (Address: Department of Gynecology, Universitätsklinikum Hamburg-Eppendorf, Martinistraße 52, 20246 Hamburg, Germany).

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