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What Experts Really Have to Say About the Atkins Diet

When Dr. Robert Atkins introduced the Atkins Diet in 1972, it started one of the largest controversies experienced within the nutrition community. His solution for those who were experiencing problems with other diets was to start a low-carb diet. A low-carb diet would remove the food cravings, thereby eliminating the temptation to overeat, which was ruining whatever diet you were on. You might be thinking it sounds all right. But if you are not eating carbs you have to then focus on what you actually are eating. That is the part where the diet encourages eating low-carb food, which then tends to include excessive amounts of fatty foods.

Interestingly enough, as you might know, it worked for many. There are currently millions of success stories circulating around the world and the Internet, of people trying this diet, and actually losing a substantial amount of weight. A recent study, between three diets, Atkins, Mediterranean, and Low-fat showed that those on the Atkins diet lost more weight than those on the other two diets. Many have called the results of this study into question however, because the study was partially funded by none other than Doctor Robert Atkins. You might wonder why it matters who funded the study. When you take a look at who is disagreeing with the Atkins diet you see where the controversy really lies.

The American Heart Association (AHA) states that the only way to lose weight and stay healthy is to cut out the fat in your diet. Furthermore, they state that while it's true you may lose weight on this diet, the effects of consuming so much protein and fat would be dangerous for your body, and lead to health problems worse than obesity further down the line. So you see, the Atkins diet is challenging the American Heart Association which many people, possibly even yourself has looked to for good nutrition advice for years.

The major controversy here is that the Atkins diet basically suggests that you should dismiss the common laws of nutrition and healthy eating set in place by nutrition experts as well as doctors, and switch to a low-carb diet that is completely unhealthy at least in their eyes. In spite of all this, there has been no definite proof that the Atkins diet is dangerous for you, or linked to any deaths thus far. There is no reason you should not give it a try.

You might have seen the many news stories and televised reports on the subject, by well known news shows including the Early Show with a variety of opinions ranging from favorable to not so favorable. Like anything new, there is bound to be a lot of controversy, and the Atkins diet is no exception. There was a time when heroine was good for skin complexion, and there was also a time when the world was flat. In the beginning of something new, all things have the potential to be misconstrued. It is up to you to make a decision, and figure out what is right for you after all it's your body.

While the true nature of the Atkins diet is still unknown, there is one thing that is quite known: it works. Millions of you have managed to lose weight on this diet, and have been happy to share your success stories. So what do you think? Weigh the facts, consider the evidence, and come to a conclusion if the Atkins diet is right for you. When it comes to your health, you are the only one that matters.

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