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Lighten Up those Dark Facial Spots Naturally!

Protect your skin with these home remedies for dark age spots.

Avoid those dark spots on your face with remedies right from your home.  Whether you have age spots, black circles under your eyes, acne scars, freckles or other types of spots, use these home remedies to lighten or eliminate those embarrassing spots!  Stay away from those harsh chemicals.  Your face is one of the most sensitive parts of your body.  Protect it rather than expose it to more chemicals to cause even worse conditions on your face.

Citrus Fruits found right in your kitchen, such as oranges, lemons and limes are rich in Vitamin C.  Lemon is the most effective home remedy for facial dark spots.  They are especially effective at helping with freckles and age spots.  Just apply some lemon juice to the spot with your hands or a cotton ball.  The citric acid found in the juice will bleach the spot and clear the skin.

Make up a vegetable or fruit mask.  For example, add lemon or lime juice to a cucumber and apricot mask. 

Take your favorite moisturizing cream and add parsley juice mixed with lemon, orange and red currant juices.  This will feel light and works good for freckles and brown spots.

Milk and honey are great natural remedies to treat dark facial spots.  You can use them separate or mixed with other ingredients.  Use sour milk or buttermilk, as they contain lactic acid. The acid found in these milks creates a gentle peeling effect that will lighten the skin without irritating it.  Honey has renewing properties.  It can be heated and applied alone or mixed with wheat germ to lighten the skin.

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