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Let The Valentine Seduction Begin! Scintillating Tips for Better Sex Play

February has arrived and if you have a partner, you know what that means.  Love, love, love, and more glorious love! What better time to show your lover just how much you love them by spicing things up with a few new play techniques?  

If you need to expand your “repertoire” in this area, no worries. This is part one in a three-part series that offers rather detailed and erotic ways to give your partner blissful pleasure. Take notes!

First of all, there is a reason the term “sensual” is usually associated with sex. That's because our senses are so engaged during lovemaking. What we feel, see, hear, taste, and smell has a profound effect on how much pleasure we get from the entire sexual experience.  So, remember, sex play that engages the senses is much more enjoyable.

Use the following play techniques to get your lover’s senses not only engaged, but locked and loaded as well!

Playful massage techniques.

Most women know that a man's penis and testicles are highly sensitive, erogenous zones. Here's a way to provide some mind-blowing stimulation.

Hold your thumb and fingers in the shape of an old-fashioned shadow puppet. Gently clasp the testicles between your fingers and pull a little.  Gently, though. Now spread your fingers and caress his inner thighs with a light circular motion. Stop and move onto other erogenous zones with a gentle stroke–like his perineum.

Now, use your hand puppet to grasp the base of the penis and move upwards. Then clasp the base of the shaft and massage gently and upwards. Circumcised men vary in how much stimulation they want; some are very sensitive to touch while others have numbed sensitivity. The only way to know how much stimulation your lover wants or needs is to ask!  That in of itself is a turn-on.

Here is another massage technique that both men and women enjoy. Have your partner lie on his or her back while you rub fragrant massage oil in your hands.  This is to warm it up a bit. Next, straddle both thighs and lean foreword, placing your hands above the breastbone and just below the neck. Create a slow path outward and alongside the ribcage. Using more slow motions move towards the navel. Then move towards the outer hips bringing your hands just above the pubis. Here you can allow your fingers to caress the genitals and then start a sweeping motion towards the navel and upwards. 

If you want even more skin-on-skin contact, try this massage technique. It involves more than the hands, though . . . more like your entire naked body. Lying slightly on top of your partner rub your body over your lover’s bare skin. Push up at your hands and gently caress your partner's body with your chest and abdomen. The skin-on-skin contact feels especially erotic on a woman's breasts. For a man, it gets even better. A woman can massage her lover with her genitals. While still astride his hips, glide your labia across his stomach, moving downward until you touch his penis. Then briefly pause over the penis and thighs and softly touch down so he can feel your arousal.

These three tips are sure to make February one of the best months of 2011. But don't stop there! Use these sex play techniques frequently during your lovemaking throughout the year . . . and years to come to keep the romance, excitement, and desire burning strong.

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