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Increase Your Sex Drive and Burn Fat with this Secret Ingredient

In our new "Under the Microscope" series, we're presenting you with some heavy-duty scientific articles about recent discoveries in alternative health. The secret ingredient that increases sex drive and burns fat in this article is Yohimbine, also known as aphrodin, corynine, hydroergotocin, quebrachin, and yohimvetol. It refers to an alkaloid that is found in the inner bark of Corynanthe yohimbe, a tree that grows in South Africa. Yohimbine has been used for ages as an aphrodisiac. It is increasingly being used to treat obesity as well. Though it is yet to be researched thoroughly in the area of weight loss, the findings till now reveal that it is an effective fat fighter. If you have been looking for a more fit body and a rejuvenated sex life, Yohimbine could be the answer. This is one herbal supplement that makes available two highly desired results in one pill. Keep reading to learn more!

Yohimbine, in medical terminology is a pre-synaptic alpha-2-adrenergic antagonist. In other words it is a blocking agent. Yohimbine helps in fat loss by blocking alpha adrenoreceptors. These prevent the release of norepinephrine. When Beta adrenoreceptor is stimulated by Norepinephrine, it results in breakdown of fats called lipolysis. This can be blocked by alpha adrenoreceptors. Yohimbine helps by blocking the alpha adrenoreceptors and this allows fat breakdown to continue.

Yohimbine helps in increasing the conversion of the stored fats to triglycerides. These are the fatty acids that are used as energy source by the body. Research has shown that Yohimbine helps to give a boost to lipolysis when consumed before or after exercise. This in turn increases blood serum free fatty acid levels at the time of and also after exercise. This makes it more possible for more fat to be burned during and after exercises.

The unique ability of Yohimbine to stimulate alpha-2 adrenoreptors means that it makes available an ulterior biochemical pathway for the purpose of fat metabolism in comparison to the other fat burning compounds including caffeine. There have been studies to prove that Yohimbine might be responsible for creating a synergetic effect together with other beta-receptor stimulants to enhance fat loss at the time of intense training.

The extent of burning of fat in the body is dependant upon the rate at which lipolysis happens. Lipolysis refers to the rate at which the fat that is mobilized from the fat cells enters the blood as free fatty acids. Exercise gives a boost to lipolysis. If you want to burn fat you need to increase the rate of lipolysis and taking Yohimbine is the most effective way to do so.

Studies have shown that men possess the maximum amount of alpha adrenoreceptors in the fat cells in their abdomen. Females on the other hand possess the maximum levels of alpha adrenoreceptors in the fat cells of their thighs and hips. When alpha adrenoreceptors is blocked it results in breakdown of fats when the body is resting, i.e. for the major part of the day.

Thus with the help of Yohimbine you are helping the body to burn more fat. Yohimbine has a few adverse effects. The most common side effect that is attributed to Yohimbine is dizziness. It is recommended that people who have a history of cardiovascular diseases consult a physician before using it.

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