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How to Deal with a Diet-Detractor

Have you ever started a diet, only to be distracted by a diet-detractor? Committing and sticking to a diet is hard enough without having to worry about people around you who aren’t supporting your efforts. Whether the person getting in your way is your better-half or a good friend, how can you cope when someone is trying to tempt you with forbidden foods and tease you for trying to lose weight? Follow this advice to thwart the sabotage and get them on your side.

Explain it’s for your health. Your friends and family may think that losing weight is just about vanity, but the health benefits of shedding even as little as ten pounds can make a big difference in reducing cholesterol levels, improving heart health, and reducing stress on your joints. Let them know that you’re making a conscious effort to become as healthy as possible so you can improve your quality of life, and that you’d appreciate their support.

Be prepared for temptation.
You don’t have to avoid activities like movie nights or book club readings stocked with high-calorie snacks. But to stay on your diet, pack your own healthy treats. Air-popped popcorn, celery or carrot sticks, fresh fruit salads—these are just a few of the food options to try. You can also grab pre-packaged snacks that are sized to limit calories so you won’t absently overeat.

Kids count too. Often your weight-loss attempts are stopped cold by your kids, for one reason or another. For instance, just because they don’t belong to the clean-plate club, doesn’t mean that you should double your membership. Eat what’s on your plate and stop yourself from cleaning theirs. And, while it’s important to spend time with your little ones (or not-so-little ones), it’s equally important to make time for yourself to exercise and prepare healthy meals. So don’t let the guilt of spending time with them get in the way of your goals – after all, the more time you dedicate to getting healthy, the longer you’ll be able to be around to see them grow.

Ask them to join you. Chances are the person who’s giving you the hardest time about your diet could stand to lose a few pounds of their own! Offer a taste of your food if they think that being on a diet means existing on cabbage soup and celery (it doesn’t!), slip them a guest pass to your health club, and invite them to come shopping with you when your successful efforts necessitate a trip to the mall for smaller clothes.

You can do it! Despite others’ attempts to hinder your weight-loss success, in the end getting healthy by losing weight comes down to being about YOU. Hopefully with the above tips you can stop a diet-detractor in his or her tracks . . . and maybe do some convincing (pro-diet) of your own!

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