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5 Top Fitness Trends Emerging this Year

With the holidays over, and New Year’s resolutions in full swing, many of you will be setting your sights on fitness and looking for something new to help you achieve your fitness and weight loss goals over the coming year.

This is why now is the perfect time to take a look at the top five fitness trends emerging this year. Let’s get started!

Lower Cost Fitness

Not only are lower-cost gyms popping up all over the place, but lower cost fitness options for getting a good workout at home are also a big trend for the coming year. Forget about expensive exercise equipment because there are more cost effective options available . . . even for the advanced athletes. Systems built to use your body for resistance, as well as better yoga and workout routines for your media devices will help you reach your fitness goals at a fraction of the price of a treadmill or gym membership.

Baby Boomer Fitness

With all the baby boomers coming into retirement over the coming year, it’s no surprise that there is a market for fitness geared to an older crowd. In fact, seniors are fitter and more discerning than ever before. Baby boomers are looking for challenging workouts geared specifically for them, and this is apparent when it comes to gyms and at-home workouts. In the coming year there will be more options than ever for people of “a certain age” who are looking to get or stay fit and have fun doing it.

Healthy Meals to Your Door

It’s no longer only the likes of Jennifer Aniston and Madonna who get to enjoy healthy meals delivered to help keep them on track with their diets. More and more companies are offering healthy meals delivered directly to your door to help you lose weight and eat well . . .  especially when your life gets hectic. And, this increase in healthy services means healthy competition and better prices so that healthy ready-made meals are more affordable than ever.

Fitness Goes Tech

Between the Wii Fit and the endless amount of fitness applications for your iPod and smartphones, a continuing trend of fitness for your tech gadgets is a no-brainer. We’re all getting more and more tech-savvy with each year, and being able to incorporate these devices into your workouts is just a given. You can find a program or application to help you with all aspects of your fitness from your workouts to your diet.

Fitness at Work/Employee Incentives

Whether it’s because of shows like Biggest Loser and Dr. Phil who put out challenges to companies to lose weight and get fit as a team, or because employers finally understand that healthy employees are more productive and cost effective; employee fitness incentive programs are a huge trend for the coming year. More and more companies are offering deals on gym memberships than ever before, and the same goes for the amount of organizations having fitness facilities built into their places of business. Incentive programs offering bonuses and prizes to employees who meet fitness goals are also something you’ll see more and more of.

If you’re ready to “get fit” in 2012, hopefully you can take advantage of one (or more) of these emerging trends!

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