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3 Easy Ways to Outsmart Your Stomach for Better Digestion

Your digestive tract and system holds the key to your overall health. As you well know, when your tummy is upset your whole body can feel out of whack. But help is on the way! Recent studies of those with digestive troubles indicate that changes to diet and the way you consume food can aid in better food digestion. Keep reading for the three tips for better digestion.

Better food digestion is essential to your good health and can help you maintain a healthier body and mind. A recent study published in the New England Journal of Medicine indicated that in order to aid in better digestion, people need to eat at the right times, eat the right foods and avoid certain bad habits. 

1. Eating at the Right Times

For years, doctors, nutritionists, and weight-loss experts have been telling you not to eat after 7 p.m. The reason for this is simple: your metabolism slows down at night and makes it difficult for your system to digest food properly. So, eating a large meal at night causes your system to work harder to digest the food and may cause distress in your digestive tract. Essentially it causes your digestive organs to work overtime when breaking down foods. 

While most nutritionists advise against eating before 7 p.m., this rule is not for everyone. You might not even get home from work until well after this time. So what should you do? It is important that you eat balanced meals throughout the day but do not use your dinner meal as your “main” meal of the day. While you can have your evening meal after 7 p.m., you should eat light at dinner. By consuming the bulk of your calories during the day, it makes it easier for your system to digest the foods you eat in the evening hours.

2. Eating the Right Foods

By eating plenty of fruits, vegetables and fish you will immensely help your digestive tract. This is especially true of fatty fish such as salmon, as it takes a longer time to break down in the system and gives your digestive organs a break. Eating sugary food overworks your digestive organs and can not only lead to digestive problems, but also obesity and diabetes. 

Watch what you drink as well. Alcohol is comprised of sugars that are hard for the system to break down. Soft drinks are nothing more than liquid candy. Both of these types of drinks wreak havoc on your digestive system and offer no nutritional value to your body.

3. Avoid Bad Habits

Avoid eating snacks in bed or right before bed. Similar to eating a large meal after the 7 p.m., eating right before bedtime is also not good for your digestive tract. In addition, studies indicate that those who eat before bed not only more have than a 75 percent chance of developing obesity, but also developing digestive problems. If you crave something before bed, drink a caffeine-free herbal tea. This will not only relax you, but can aid in good digestive health and also keep extra pounds at bay. 

Follow these simple tips and your stomach will be much happier from now on!

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