mysterious health crisis

It’s called Syndrome X.

It may sound like the name of a science fiction movie, but it’s actually a metabolic malfunction that starts with excessive weight gain and energy slumps, then escalates to life-threatening problems like heart disease and full-blown diabetes. In fact, Syndrome X is the real cause behind the obesity problem that is so part of American life today.

Over 60 million Americans have Syndrome X and the numbers are climbing at epidemic proportions!

Stanford University endocrinologist Gerald Reaven, MD was the first to describe Syndrome X.

In 1988, he first presented evidence of a new, little-known syndrome that increases the danger of obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and other health conditions.

According to Dr. Reaven, Syndrome X—also known as insulin resistance—is the cause of up to 50% of all heart attacks, and it’s one of the leading causes of stroke. He also links

Syndrome X as a major contributor to obesity and adult-onset Type II diabetes, the most rapidly escalating disease in America.

Syndrome X is very insidious. Think of it as a guerrilla fighter that slowly, silently, and steadily adds extra weight to your hips, buttocks, thighs and eats away at your health.

Modern life is making us fat— and it’s killing us!

Fifty—even 40 years ago—Syndrome X wasn’t a problem. But it thrives on our 21st century lives of too-little-exercise, too much stress, and too-easy access to fast foods, sweets, sodas, and refined carbohydrates.

Syndrome X begins innocently enough.

During the digestion process, carbohydrates especially “white foods” such as bread, potatoes, chips, pasta and sweets), are converted into sugar.

In order to use this sugar as fuel, your body releases insulin, a hormone that helps your cells convert the sugar into energy.

So far, so good. But after years of eating all these hi-carb and hi-sugar foods, your cells start to resist your body’s insulin. The insulin signals your body to store sugars as fat instead of energy. As a result, your metabolism slows down to a crawl and makes it next-to-impossible for you to lose weight no matter how hard you try. Since your body isn’t converting food to energy, it demands even more food. Food cravings increase— and so does your weight. Insulin resistance causes eating binges…more insulin enters the blood stream…and the never-ending cycle continues.

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