You Can Bounce Your Way to Good Health

This article gives you all the health benefits you can gain from regular use of a mini trampolene or rebounder.
International research has found that bouncing on a mini trampoline has far reaching benefits for all ages, making you fit, toning your body and assisting with weight loss. It is one of the most effective ways to boost your lymphatic system, detoxify your body and boost your immune system.

Are you surprised? I certainly was.

Health and fitness centers throughout the USA, the UK, Europe and Australia have begun including rebounding classes in their programs with large corporations taking advantage too. They find that absenteeism is reduced and levels of energy and morale are increased.

An interesting fact – 2 minutes of bouncing on the trampoline is equivalent to 6 minutes of running, 10 minutes of swimming or 22 minutes of walking.

Children and trampolines – children have always enjoyed bouncing on their beds (even when adults told them not to) and this enjoyment was good for them too! A good quality mini trampoline with strong tapered springs (which should absorb at least 85% of impact), sturdy frames and high quality mats, will give children of all ages a buoyant and enjoyable bounce. Getting children to participate is easy because they love it. Some schools have started to include rebounding sessions in their fitness schedules as well as mini trampolines in classrooms which are used for 3 to 5 minute sessions throughout the day. This is a quick and simple solution to getting the circulatory system going thereby helping children to focus and concentrate. Those children with attention and hyperactive problems will particularly benefit.

Adults and trampolines – international research has found that the mild but continuous G-force created by the low bounce on a mini trampoline offers far reaching benefits that go way beyond exercise by making you fit, toning your body, assisting with weight loss, boosting your lymphatic system, detoxifying your body and boosting your immune system. A gentle bounce is used to warm up and end your session. Your feet remain flat on the mat, your hands either on your hips, by your side or holding onto a support bar and you bounce very gently while you breathe consciously and steadily. Your “zone” is a bounce you slip into without even thinking about it. It is comfortable, natural and includes a few basic health techniques with soft relaxed knees, tummy muscles pulled in, buttock muscles clenched, shoulders relaxed and accompanied by steady deep breathing. Remember to slow right down at the end of a session, first to a gentle bounce and then a standstill before stepping off. If you jump off the mini trampoline in mid bounce you can undo much of the good you have just achieved. Then have plenty of water to flush out all the toxins and to rehydrate your body.

The elderly, frail and disabled and trampolines – even when you bounce gently with both feet on the mat, you exercise every single cell in your body – muscles, organs eyes, skin tissue, bones etc – which makes it such a great exercise for the less able. Even if they are not able to stand on the mini trampoline, they can sit on a chair or in a wheel chair next to the trampoline and place their two feet on the trampoline whilst someone else is doing the bouncing. Rebounding has a natural analgesic effect on the body which helps to relieve joints (arthritis) and pain in the neck, back and head through the increase of circulation and oxygen flow. It provides an extremely effective ‘no impact’ exercise – especially important for those with less mobility or undergoing rehabilitation. One of the primary causes of aging is the declining performance of the heart and circulatory system. Rebounding is incredibly effective in increasing the performance of both the heart and the circulatory system thus slows the aging process.

Mini trampolines are suitable for everyone – the whole family is able to benefit from toddlers to grandparents. You can even target specific areas:

– For cellulite, tap or slap the affected areas as you breathe and bounce
– For colds and flu early symptoms, bounce as often possible throughout the day to stop those symptoms in their tracks.
– For problems with digestion or constipation, rub your abdomen in large clockwise circles as you bounce and breathe.
– For problem solving, bounce with unfocused eyes and a relaxed body and mind.

So if you have children or grandchildren with a trampolene, join them in the fun or better still, get your own mini trampolene.

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