You’ve probably seen the television commercials and magazine advertisements promoting anti-aging products and tactics, from magic skin creams and cosmetics to plastic surgery and laser therapy. Some guarantee immediate results while others promise to completely reverse your signs of aging. But do these options really deliver your own personal fountain of youth?

Most likely not.
While the consumer marketplace is filled with these millions of products designed to help you stay as young as possible and for as long as possible, there are several proven techniques that you can use within your own life that are natural and easy to add into your daily routine. There is a great selection of natural supplements and nutrients that can make you feel and appear younger.
As we age, our skin is often the most visible sign to others and to ourselves. Antioxidants have been one of the most powerful natural resources to reduce the signs of aging and can be found within many food substances and supplements. Antioxidants help to reduce the effects of free radicals on the skin. Free radicals are by-products that are formed within the body as it uses oxygen, and if not counteracted, can have negative effects on the appearance of your skin. The most antioxidant dense foods include blueberries, cranberries, blackberries, beans, artichokes and russet potatoes. There is no current USDA recommendation for the amount of antioxidants that you should include in your daily diet, but their effects are tremendous within the body. The antioxidants found within the vitamins A, C, E and within green tea are often included in common multi-vitamins, giving you an easy option to add them into your daily diet.

Essential Fatty Acids
While antioxidants are helpful for the reduction of wrinkles, essential fatty acids help to ensure the cell health by maintaining the integrity of the skin cells.

Omega 3’s are the most common essential fatty acids, and they are found within fish oils, flax seed oils, leafy green vegetables and walnuts. They help to nurture the health of the skin and to provide toning which can reduce the effects and signs of aging. To add these to your diet, start small and then incorporate more selections over time. Essential fatty acids also reduce inflammation within the body, which also helps to reduce the effects of aging.

Physical Activity
As we age, we tend to have join pain that is often caused by inflammation. This effect can induce the appearance of wrinkles and the pain caused by inflammation can reduce your activity levels. It is important for longevity to maintain your personal levels of activity and physical fitness. In addition to including essential fatty acids in your daily diet, also consider adding raw nuts, antioxidants in supplement form and zinc supplements. Your energy levels are crucial to feeling young.

To combat the feeling of fatigue and reduced stamina, consider adding to your regular exercise routine. Regular exercise can make you feel invigorated, increasing your daily metabolic rate which is important for the maintenance of weight. Regular exercise can also help you to increase stamina. In addition to regular cardiovascular exercise and light weights, consider adding Ginseng, B vitamins and iron rich foods to increase your energy levels naturally.
Healthy Eyes
Another primary concern as you age is the loss of eyesight. Macular degeneration is the most common cause for vision loss and there are several natural solutions that you can try to reduce this effect on your body. Vitamin A is a known nutrient that supports eye health. You can add Vitamin A within your diet or add a multi vitamin supplement with 100% of the recommended daily dose. Carotenes can also be extremely helpful in the maintenance of healthy eyes, and the 2 most beneficial forms are Beta Carotene and Lutein. The best foods that are rich in beta-carotene are carrots, winter squash and sweet potatoes. For foods rich in Lutein, consider adding eggs, spinach and broccoli. If you are not getting enough Vitamin A and Carotenes within your diet, add a daily multi vitamin supplement.
Get Results
Through adding natural substances to your daily routine and modifying your diet, you can combat some of the most common signs of aging in your skin, within your eyesight and in the reduction of energy levels and vitality. And all without spending tons of money on empty promises of the elusive fountain of youth!

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