The word that is heard over and over when it comes to living longer is ANTIOXIDANTS . . . and the more the better! But there are other age-fighting nutrients that also help. Starting to eat foods that have anti-aging properties now will benefit you in the long run in reducing the risk of heart disease, stroke, cancer and the overall aging process. Let’s take a look at five foods you should be eating to fight the effects of time.

Begin with these five foods, and let the added years of your enhanced longevity roll.

1. Tomatoes

Whether you believe them to be fruits or vegetables, tomatoes are packed with lycopene power, and are linked to older adults functioning better and suffering half as much heart disease. Research has shown that Italians have a lower occurrence of heart disease due to their diet rich in tomato-based sauces. In fact, concentrated pasta and pizza sauces have five times more lycopene than fresh tomatoes, and canned tomatoes have three times more lycopene than the fresh ones.

2. Salmon

Salmon is high in Omega-3 fatty acids and protein. To get the best nutritional and life-extending impact, you should ideally intake salmon twice a week. Omega-3 fatty acids have been proven to reduce the risk of different types of cancers, stroke and heart disease, and have been found to ease arthritis pain and lessen depression.

3. Garlic

The smell of garlic isn’t the only thing that packs a punch . . . it is also chock-full of antioxidants. Garlic helps fend off cancer, heart disease, and slows the aging process. You may end up sitting alone to eat your lunch, but you’ll be a healthier you because of it.

4. Spinach

Pop-Eye was no fool . . .  spinach is second to garlic for antioxidant activity. Just think of all the anti-aging benefits you’ll get if you fit a spinach salad in your diet a few times per week. If you’re not crazy for raw spinach, try “disguising” it by putting it in an omelette, lasagne, or add it on pizza for a surprisingly delicious topping with nutritional value to boot.

5. Oatmeal

Fiber, Fiber, Fiber! Oatmeal seems to be the most traditional and old-fashioned way to get this essential nutrient, and for good reason. It is jam-packed with nutrients and antioxidants that ward off cancer, heart disease, and help you age gracefully. Eat oatmeal every day, in some form or another: porridge, a yogurt and oats parfait, or homemade low-fat oatmeal muffins are just a few ways you can get your daily amount.

While living to a ripe old age is what you hope for, you want it to be accompanied by great health and happiness. Eating these five foods on a regular basis will get you on the right path to achieve just that!


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