If you’re a fan of the Dr. Oz show, or Dr. Oz in general, than you may think he’s a fairly “straight-shooter” when it comes to advising you on your health and wellness. So, it’s no surprise that he caused quite the stir when he told his millions of viewers that mango seed extract could help with weight loss.

I mean, after the whole Acai debacle, it came as quite a surprise to many that Oz would endorse what some might call a “scam” in the weight loss world.

But, after looking into it further, it turns out that there were people singing the praises of mango seed extract (which is also known as “Irvingia” and “African Mango”) for weight loss long before Dr. Oz ever mentioned it.

The African Mango Diet

Prior to Dr. Oz’s episode on the “wonder seed,” dozens of websites and books began to appear on the African Mango Diet and the amazing things the diet could do for you. What makes the African Mango different from other mangoes is its edible seed, which is a high source of protein and a staple in the Cameroonian diet. The seed, which is taken in capsule form for weight loss, is said to help you lose weight without having to resort to diet and exercise.

Some lofty claims to say the least . . . wouldn’t you say?

So Does Mango Seed Extract Really Work?

There have been a few studies on the effects of mango seed extract for weight loss, all of which have turned up some rather impressive results. As far back as 2005 there was a study of 28 participants in which weight loss was compared over the course of four weeks. One group was given mango seed extract before breakfast, lunch, and dinner; and the other group was given a placebo which was also taken at the same time. The results showed that the group members taking the mango seed extract lost 5.3 percent of their body weight and the placebo group lost 1.3 percent.

There was also a study performed in 2008 that was published in the medical journal, Lipids in Health Disease, which looked at the effects of mango seed extract on weight loss in 102 people. The participants, all of who were overweight or obese, were broken into two groups: one took mango seed extract and the other took a placebo 30-60 minutes before lunch and dinner. The results showed that the group taking mango seed extract experienced a significant reduction in fat, weight, and waist circumference in comparison to the group that was taking the placebo. Along with notable weight loss, the mango seed extract group also saw improvements in their cholesterol and blood glucose levels.

So, the final verdict is that while significant research hasn’t been done, these two studies and the ever-popular Dr. Oz have certainly pleaded a worthy case that may make mango seed extract worth trying over some of the other weight loss aids on the market.

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