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May 15, 2013

Extreme Caution. 3 Potentially Toxic Natural Supplements

For people wanting to avoid dangerous pharmaceuticals, a vast selection of natural therapies and herbal supplements are available for just about every condition.  But just because they are ‘natural’ doesn’t imply that you can take them like they’re Flintstones vitamins. Many times these supplements are just as potent (if not more) than mainstream drugs. You […]

May 7, 2013

6 Dangerous Prescription Medicines

It’s well known that the Doctors, researchers, and other staff members here on the Nutricell Blog are NOT big fans of prescription drugs. In fact, we cherish the bountiful health that can arise from homeopathic, holistic, natural approaches to illness. Yes, we agree that there are situations in which prescription drugs may be necessary.  And those […]

April 3, 2013

Dairy Industry Hiding Harmful Ingredients From You

Why is the Dairy Industry Trying to Pull the Wool Over Your Eyes? These days it’s increasingly essential to be conscious of what you’re feeding yourself, and your family. Reading labels has become a necessity . . . and given the confusing labels out there, it is not a simple task. Learning to distinguish “organic” […]

January 8, 2013

What Motivates Your Doctor?

Do you trust your Healthcare provider? Before we get into some stats and figures, take a look at one man’s story. “Jim” (name changed to protect the innocent) had a bad experience recently when he went in for a routine check-up.  But there is a light at the end of Jim’s tunnel… read on to […]

January 2, 2013

Best Exercise Options

Cardio vs. Weight Training, Fat Loss Supplements, and More With New Year’s Day past, and dreaded New Year’s resolutions haunting some of us, I hope you consider following through with some of your goals pertaining to your health.  If you’re like most people, you’ll vow to eat better, exercise more, drink less and lose those […]

December 23, 2012

Holiday heart attacks on the rise

Holiday Health Concerns: Why Do Heart Attacks Spike During the Holiday Season? And Are There Really More Suicides? The holidays are supposed to be all about happiness and joy, family and friends, opening gifts and enjoying delicious food… not to mention those visions of sugarplums.  But with all these “warm-fuzzy” things, there is a reality […]

October 16, 2012

CoQ10, Congestive Heart Failure, and Statin drugs

CoQ10 and Congestive Heart Failure You may have been hearing about the benefits of CoQ10, or coenzyme Q10, when it comes to your heart, your brain, and even cancer.  But we’d like to get a bit more specific with those benefits, particularly in terms of addressing and alleviating the symptoms of congestive heart failure. What […]

August 7, 2012

CoQ10: Cancer, Immunity, and overall health

CoQ10 and Cancer Coenzyme Q10 may finally be getting the attention it deserves.  The antioxidant compound CoQ10, which is naturally produced in our bodies, is a “Jack of all Trades” when it comes to your health. Not only does it aid in cell growth and stronger immune systems, but it also serves to protect cells […]

July 31, 2012

5 Ways to ease Joint and Muscle Pain

At some point in our lives, we’ve all experienced some type of muscle or joint pain.  Others, like those suffering from conditions such as arthritis, endure the pain on a more regular basis.  While prescription medications and treatments do exist, and many of them are quite effective, some individuals prefer more natural, alternative treatments such […]

April 24, 2012

CoQ10-High Octane Heart Health

CoQ10 You’ve probably heard the health buzz around CoQ10 . . . that your body doesn’t have enough of it and you NEED MORE!  But what exactly is this nutrient, and why is it SO important for your health? Let’s take a look . . . What is CoQ10? Coenzyme Q10, better known as CoQ10 […]

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May 31, 2024

We are told that infant formula is a substitute for breast milk and provides essential nutrients needed for a baby’s growth and development. The composition of infant formula is also regulated and meets an infant’s nutritional needs, like nutrient-dense foods. Yet, is that really true? Upon further analysis,. it seems that food manufacturers and distributors […]

May 30, 2024

According to the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council, it is estimated that Americans eat about 20 billion hot dogs each year. This unbelievable statistic number means that  70 hot dogs per person are consumer annually. Hot dogs are a staple in America at various sporting events like football, baseball, basketball, soccer and hockey. They […]

The chicken industry is a major industry and important for the global agricultural economy.  That is why  intensive farming practices are the norm in order to  maximize productivity and profitability. At the same time, consumers are becoming more health conscious and are demanding chicken that aligns with a natural care and healthy food for your […]