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Even though the world is moving away from ‘fat-shaming’, most of us still find it extremely demanding to remain fit and healthy. We have almost developed a reflex action that makes us stay away from any mention of fatty-ingredients. We are rather attracted towards foods low in calories and high in nutrition. While, this is a pretty smart way of going about deciding what kinds of foods to avoid (for instance, butter which is high on saturated fats), we must also ensure that we do eat good foods like dry fruits, olive oil or our personal favourite, avocados.

Although it may seem like a bad idea to lower your cholesterol with avocados, a fruit high on fats, a recent study conducted by the American Heart Association Journal has proved that having an avocado a day as part of a normal, moderate diet (where 34% of your daily calorie requirements come from fats) can help lowed bad cholesterol (LDL) in your body, while improving your cholesterol and triglycerine levels overall. If that doesn’t convince you to eat those creamy avocados more often, then nothing ever will!

Now, although we often come across the usual preparations using avocados (over toast as a spread or as a salad ingredient), there are a lot more dishes you can prepare if you only get a little creative. Here is a list of five new dishes that will help you incorporate this delicious fruit into your daily diet and help bring down your cholesterol levels at the same time!

1) Banana-Avocado Smoothie

Try a new twist on your smoothie! Blend in some avocados with your regular smoothie and get blown away by the creaminess and taste! This recipe also uses cucumber, flax seeds and Swiss chard as ingredients, thus providing you with a nutritional drink containing an impressive 24 grams of good protein.

2) Avocado Breakfast Bake

Guests coming over and no time to prepare anything? Don’t worry. Impress your guests with this easy to make recipe from Wellness Mama. The preparation time is very less and the three ingredients used don’t cost much, but you will surely receive accolades for this delicious dish.

Avocado Breakfast Bake

Although you can pop these avocado breakfast bakes in the oven and forget all about them, instead concentrating on getting other household work done, they make a very filling breakfast for you. The eggs used in the recipe contain healthy fats and proteins while the creaminess of the avocados make them highly palatable and appealing. Additionally, you can add varied toppings such as diced tomatoes and green onions, cheese, salsa, hot sauce etc. The possibilities are endless.

3) Avocado FriesFinally, here’s a healthy fry that you can actually eat without feeling the usual guilt! This easy to prepare recipe provided by Lorimer Street Kitchen uses sliced avocados, which are soaked in whole-wheat flour, almond milk and bread crumbs before being baked to a crisp. They are about as healthy as a fry you can ever get! You can serve them with a cashew sriracha dipping sauce or ketchup or mustard or vegan mayo – or even eat them on their own.

Avocado Fries

4) Avocado Mac and CheeseIs mac-and-cheese an old favourite with you? Think it can’t get any better? Well, you’re wrong. By adding avocados to your regular mac and cheese, you can elevate the level of your favourite comfort food and make it tastier and creamier! Your kids will absolutely love this recipe (Courtesy: Life as a Strawberry).

Avocado Mac and Cheese

Avocado Mac and Cheese

Please Note: Cheese is a food item which is naturally high on saturated fats, so restrict this to being an occasional indulgence only.

5) Avocado Chocolate MousseAn avocado chocolate mousse is a much healthier alternative to your regular chocolate laden desserts. This simple recipe provided by As Easy As Apple Pie is a delicious and healthy treat which is completely vegan and does not contain gluten or any dairy products either. The best part is that you can literally prepare this dessert in 2 minutes time!

Avocado Chocolate Mousse

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