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Nearly all of us know that condoms are the most commonly used form of contraceptives. However, rarely does anyone have an idea about what goes into manufacturing a condom. Yes! We surely do know that almost all condoms are made of latex, but surely that can’t be the only ‘ingredient’ that goes into making a condom. This is where the surprise truly kicks in.

It has recently been discovered that most brands use harmful toxins in the production of condoms! These condoms contain a host of chemicals including spermicides, parabens, benzocaine and glycerine, just to name a few. So, even though condoms are made of natural latex, the addition of these petro-chemicals and preservatives have varied harmful effects on the human body.

Let’s take a closer look at these harmful effects that each of the chemicals produce in our bodies.

1) Spermicides These chemicals basically act in killing the sperm and preventing STD’s, which is a good thing. However, most spermicides contain nonoxynol-9, a volatile chemical that can kill skin cells in the vagina and rectal wall, thus increasing the chances of contracting an STD or urinary tract infection in the long run. Isn’t that a wonderful irony! On one hand, the chemical helps prevent unwanted pregnancies and guards against STDs, but on the other end of the spectrum, they may also lead you into contracting an STD or other genital infections over time!

2) Parabens – Primarily used in the prevention of bacterial growth, parabens are a group of chemical preservatives commonly used in cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. They are found to mimic estrogen and can cause estrogen misbalance in the human body. It has also been widely acknowledged that breast cancer tissues also contain parabens. Although the FDA still categorizes parabens to be perfectly safe if exposed to in low levels, the EU has banned its use completely, citing the fact that cumulative exposure to parabens from various sources can cause serious health problems.

3) Benzocaine – Benzocaine is a local anesthetic used in condoms as a numbing agent to reduce physical stimulation and delay a man’s climax. Now, the fact is that this chemical doesn’t really make much of a difference in prolonging a man’s stamina during intercourse. Instead, it has been reported to cause itching, swelling, sweating and dizziness in men. Ultimately, benzocaine doesn’t really meet its intended usage and rather ends up being just one of the many chemicals your body has to deal with.

4) Glycerine – Glycerine is used in condoms as a lubricant. While glycerine has no connection with glycerol (a type of sugar), it can transform into a sugar if left in the vagina for too long and eventually throw off your body’s pH balance, thus increasing your chances of contracting a yeast infection.

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