Cropped image of sensual beautiful young couple having sex on bed

Botox™, spa treatments, and a bright sparkling smile are not the definitive solution to staying young past the age of sixty. What is the key?

SEX – lots and lots of it.

If you’re 60 or older you may be delighted to hear research reveals sex is the one secret ingredient for aging well.  It seems the true answer to maintaining youthful vitality as you age is good sexual health and sexual relationships. In other words . . . good sex.

Sex DOES get better with age for many people.

But if you pay attention to advertising and the media it’s easy to get the impression that sizzling sex is only for the young. It is kind of hard to wrap your mind around the idea that the couple fishing for their senior discount card at Waffle House is fueling up for some afternoon delight. The cut off for what we think of as “appropriate” sex seems to be around age 50. 50 is okay.

Just look at Madonna, Pierce Bronson, and Sharon Stone. Most everyone assumes they still know how to heat up the sheets. But surely they’ll slow down once they hit 60, right? Surely things will start to wrinkle up and wither away once they hit the big 6-0?

This kind of thinking is just plain wrong.  But it’s common enough. Many people grew up thinking sex over 60 is only for dirty old men and lonely old ladies bored with bridge club. And in all reality, if you’re still in your 20s, 30s, or even 40s, you may think sex among elderly people is just plain gross.  Your mind can’t even go there.

However, for many women and men staying sexually active in the later years is important.  That’s because they’ve realized age brings sexual freedom.  The kids are out of the house leading their own lives.  They’re not likely to pop in unannounced while Mom and Dad are doing the horizontal Mambo on the couch.

Women in their 60s are past menopause and don’t have to worry about birth control anymore. Suddenly sex can be purely for enjoyment rather than linked to making babies. When you think about it, that’s a rather liberating thought. And even as they look in the mirror and see more sags and wrinkles than they had 10 or 20 years ago, just knowing someone desires them makes them feel young and beautiful again.

Orgasms can help you live longer.

But it’s not more than just feeling young. Having sex when you’re older can actually help you live years longer. One study examined the relationship between sexual frequency (with orgasm) and mortality. The study concluded that the death rate was 50% lower in a group that had frequent orgasms than in the group that had orgasms less frequency. This seems to suggest that having plenty of orgasms can add years to your life. Isn’t that good news?

It’s hard to say absolutely that sex extends our lives but there’s no doubt that sex and good health go hand in hand. Though it may take a little more effort than it used to, it’s important to stay in touch with your sexual needs and feelings as you age.  More than likely they are still there, they just need to be jump started from time to time.  So what are you waiting for? Recharge!

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