The Hidden Threat: The Alarming Journey of Microplastics into Our Food Chain

Pucker Up for the Kiss of Death
May 18, 2016

Is Your Lipstick Making You Sick? Pucker Up for the Kiss of Death

Lipstick. Perhaps one of women’s favorite cosmetics. The perfect accessory. Without it, many women feel naked. It has become a symbol of adult sexuality and maturity, often the first cosmetic that teenagers are allowed to apply. It makes women feel sexy, confident and desirable. But at what cost? Painting your lips red may actually mean […]

5 Ways your Allergies are Making You Fat
May 15, 2016

5 Ways your Allergies are Making You Fat

Allergy season is in full swing this year, and with a vengeance.  With pollen levels reaching new highs, your allergies may have felt worse compared to recent years.  If that’s the case, make sure you hit the gym a few extra times because guess what? Aside from all the other factors you have to consider […]

Ramp Up Your Body's Natural Defense Against Allergies
January 1, 2016

Ramp Up Your Body’s Natural Defense Against Allergies

Spring is finally here, and along with the gorgeous weather comes pollen. Many allergy sufferers know all too well the symptoms of hay fever, caused by pollen released from budding trees and plants. The airborne pollen is easily inhaled through the nose and mouth, and for sensitive people, it can cause a series of miserable symptoms.

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Traditionally, white bread in the USA is made through a process that includes mixing, fermentation, proofing, baking, cooling, slicing, and packaging. The basic ingredients used in this process are wheat flour (enriched with vitamins and minerals like niacin, iron, thiamine mononitrate, riboflavin, and folic acid), water, yeast, salt, sugar and fat (such as butter, vegetable […]

Hey! What tastes better than cheese? Cheese  is the most popular staple in the USA and is seen on the tables of households across the nation.  It is a popular choice for many following a diet and fitness routine because it is a good source of protein and calcium. It has earned its place in […]

Hormonal imbalances, including estrogen dominance, whereby estrogen levels are high relative to progesterone, are very  common in today’s society. In fact, millions of women in the USA experience symptoms that are related to estrogen dominance. This estrogen dominance is a bigger problem in the United States as compared to other countries due to lifestyle factors, […]