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Trusted Health Organizations with Hidden Agendas – Part 1

If you’ve paid attention to “national trends” lately, you may have noticed an increasing public interest in natural or alternative medicine, and chiropractic.  At the same time, you may have noticed doctors scoffing at you when you try to bring up any alternative medicine you want to try.  The medical industry has always opposed these natural health alternatives, but why?

Seeing a naturopath or chiropractor might be less costly than visiting a hospital, and might take care of your health problems while using a minimal amount of drugs . . . so why would the medical professionals who claim to care about your personal well being oppose these alternate routes?

If you were to ask a doctor why they are against medical alternatives and natural medicine, they may reply with one of three answers:  concern over the patient’s quality of care, the patient’s overall safety, and the quality of the medical practitioner’s education.

The REAL Reasons

The unfortunate truth is that these doctors, and the professional medical industry as a whole, have an entirely different reason and a hidden agenda with ulterior motives.  Surprisingly, the organizations opposing natural medicine have been rather bold from the beginning, publically stating their opposition to alternate medicine.  Since the early 1920’s, the American Medical Association has tried with all its might to completely shut down and extinguish naturopathic and osteopathic physicians, as well as chiropractors.

The real reason behind this passionate opposition is a common source of conflict: money.  The American Medical Association, or AMA, has tons of it. But by allowing these natural medicine practitioners to gain more patients, they realize that their bottom line profit will ultimately begin to dwindle as more and more people choose to go the natural route.  It’s not just the AMA who is trying to monopolize medicine either. Other well-known organizations and trusted organizations who are also against natural medicine and are actually working together with the AMA include the American Dental Association, the American Cancer Society, the National Cancer Institute, the American Academy of Pediatrics, and the American Psychiatric Association.

Luckily, federal courts have repeatedly found the AMA, as well as the other organizations, guilty of seeking to create a healthcare monopoly.  More specifically, these are the actions the organizations were guilty of:

  • Systematic defamation of naturopathic, chiropractic and osteopathic physicians.
  • Forcing doctors to refuse collaboration with these alternative physicians.
  • Publishing and distribution of propaganda specifically intended to ruin alternate healthcare professionals’ reputations.
  • Denying hospital access to alternative physicians.

While these charges temporarily stopped any progress in the AMA’s plans to eliminate the competition, it didn’t last long.  As recently as 2010, the American Medical Association changed the definition of a physician to “The AMA affirms that a physician is an individual who has received a ‘Doctor of Medicine’ or a ‘Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine’ degree,” which immediately compromised the legitimacy of any physician who did not receive an MD or a DO, such as a naturopath or a chiropractor.

Stay Tuned

In the second and final segment of this two part series, we will explore the reasons why the health industry giants are worried about the competition, and expose the actions taken by these medical professionals to remove the competition.

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