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There are an abundance of things we can do, and an abundance of products/supplements we can take to make sure our skin is as healthy as it was 10, maybe even 20 years ago!

Eat Right: Healthy Skin Starts with Healthy Eating
Its when people say you are what you eat. Indulging in unhealthy food such as fast food, chocolate, candy, soda etc. can lead to an unhealthy lifestyle and will even cause problems with our appearance. Unhealthy food filled with sugar is often correlated to breakouts, skin problems, wrinkles and much more! If you care even slightly about your appearance, this could be the motivating factor you’ve been looking for that will make you eat more fruits, vegetables, and healthier foods.

You should try to keep a balanced diet, not too much sugar, fat, carbohydrates etc. indulging in chocolate and candy is okay but it’s best to keep this to a minimum. You should be looking for foods which are packed with nutrients like zinc, vitamin C, selenium, beta carotene, vitamin E, fatty acids etc. These nutrients can all be found in foods like healthy nuts and seeds, fresh produce, fatty fish and flaxseed oil. Eating a diet rich in these nutrients will provide our body with all the necessary tools it needs and will help our skin cells do a much better job at keeping our skin looking healthy and wrinkle-free.

Wear Sunscreen: The Perfect Anti-Aging Cream
his is an often overlooked factor, but it really can be the difference between old, wrinkly skin and young, perfect skin. It’s much better to prevent the problems in the first place than to deal with them later. By wearing sunscreen you can protect your skin from the harmful sun rays and prevent wrinkles, uneven skin tone, sun spots, dryness and more. Many dermatologists would recommend applying at least SPF 15 to your skin every day. You should apply sunscreen all around your face, include your ears, neck and even your hands as these will get a lot of sun exposure.

Stay Hydrated: Water Is the Fountain of Youth

The majority of our body is comprised of water, meaning that you really should be staying hydrated throughout the day. Drinking an adequate amount of water every day is a definite way to look and feel your best; it is needed for almost every process that takes place in the body and is a necessity for keeping our skin looking healthy and young. Dehydration will actually make our wrinkles and fine lines appear more prominently so it’s important to meet our recommended daily quota, which is approximately eight cups per day.

Drink Less: Alcohol Ages You

Drinking alcohol is definitely a terrible thing to do if you are trying to look and feel your youngest. Alcohol is terrible because it depletes our body of important vitamins and minerals and makes us dehydrated. You only have to refer back to the last paragraph to realize how detrimental this is! When we drink alcohol our body (especially our liver) has to work much harder to clear our body of the toxins. However, when we cut down – or even better, eliminate! – the alcohol from our system our body doesn’t have to work as hard as doesn’t have to fight the toxins that the alcohol will produce in our system. This will most surely results in a much healthier looking skin and a better complexion.

Don’t Smoke: Tobacco Tarnishes Your Skin

Smoking is one of the worst things you can do, not only for your health but also for your skin! Many smokers experience gray skin, wrinkles around the mouth and eye area, gauntness, and deep lines in their cheeks. The smoke released from a cigarette contains more than 4,000 toxins and most of these are absorbed into the skin. This can result in an abundance of skin problems and will make you look and feel much older than you actually are – it is probably one of the worst things you could do in terms of skin and health!

Is It True That Aging Is Inevitable?

Aging is inevitable, for now anyway. There is nothing we can do to stop the aging process but maybe we will figure something out in the future! For now, all we can do is keep a balanced diet and refer to the rest of the points above in order to keep our skin looking as healthy and young as we possibly can.


So, the verdict is that even though aging is bound to happen, looking older doesn’t have to be. There are an abundance of things we can do, and an abundance of products/supplements we can take to make sure our skin is as healthy as it was 10, maybe even 20 years ago! Firstly, you should start with a healthy, balanced diet. Always protect your skin to prevents the problems arising in the first place. Keep yourself hydrated. And lastly, limit your intake of alcohol and tobacco.