Did you know that super ripe bananas hold amazing health benefits? That’s right, those dark spotted bananas that you’ve been throwing away are actually really good for you. As it turns out, Japanese researchers have found that ripe bananas with dark spots actually produce a substance known as “Tumor Necrosis Factor”. TNF can fight abnormal cell growth, which means that bananas are anti-cancer. Even stranger, the browner the banana, the more TNF it contains, which means more cancer-fighting power. By consuming only 1-2 bananas a day, you too can get the super health benefits, and anti-cancer benefits of TNF.

How do bananas fight cancer?

The nutrient content of various fruits changes as the fruits ripen and mature. For bananas, this means that the level of antioxidants actually increases. Therefore, the more yellow/brown bananas are the most healthy ones.

Again, TNF, or “Tumor Necrosis Factor” is that substance in ripe bananas to have those anti-cancer, and heart-healthy benefits. TNF is a cytokine, which is a secretion of the immune system, which can have a positive effect on other cells. Believe it or not, researchers have concluded that ripe bananas contain such a high level of TNF that they can be compared to Lentinan, which is a chemical used in IVs as an anti-cancer drug. Just like Lentinan, ripe bananas help to increase the production of white blood cells in people, which can help to fight cancer.

Is there a downside to eating overripe bananas?

As fruits ripen, it is important to note that their sugar level also increases. Thus, these simple sugars can easily raise your blood glucose level, which those with diabetes should be aware of.

Be sure to eat 1-2 ripe bananas each day

Whether you’re eating an extra ripe banana, or just a regular one, all bananas are very high in fiber, potassium, vitamin B6, and vitamin C. Bananas also contain around 100 calories each due to their high levels of sugar. They’re great for your gastrointestinal tract, and even help with digestion. Therefore, if you’re feeling hungry in the mid day, simply grab a banana. They’re great portable snacks, and will fill you up quickly with healthy nutrients and calories.

In order to store your bananas properly, place fully ripened bananas in your fridge, which will help to minimize the loss of important vitamins. However, you can also eat these bananas as soon as they turn ripe, which is best. It is best to avoid overripe bananas. You can tell if a banana is overripe if its skin is splitting open, or more than 50% of the skin has turned brown.

Conclusion: Overripe bananas are best

Even if you’re not allowing your bananas to mature fully, you’re still getting an amazing boost of vitamins, fiber, and sugars. However, by letting your bananas get just a little darker, you will also receive amazing anti-cancer and heart-healthy benefits. Therefore, let your bananas sit an extra day or two, and get that extra preventative dose of extra goodness for your immune system. Your body will definitely thank you!

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