Do you suffer from diabetes, or high blood sugar? Do you have family members with diabetes, and fear that you may also be predisposed to the disease? Luckily, there are natural methods to combat high blood glucose levels, and in this article we’ll explore a few of these methods including vinegar, lacto-fermentation, yogurt, kefir, and buttermilk. If you’re planning to experiment with these methods, be sure to try these foods in small amounts, and then test your blood sugar afterwards to see which ones work best for you. Many people have found surprising results that have drastically reduced their blood glucose levels, even after eating high carbohydrate meals.

Vinegar controls blood glucose, and aids in weight loss

In an exciting new study published by Diabetes Care, researchers at Arizona State University in Mesa, Arizona have found that vinegar can help to reduce blood glucose levels, and even to help with weight loss. In the study, 29 volunteer participants were given 20 grams of apple cider vinegar in water each day before they ate a high carbohydrate breakfast. Half of the participants, of course, received the placebo. Surprisingly, the participants with pre-diabetes showed the most favorable results. The vinegar cocktail actually ended up cutting their blood glucose in half. Those with diabetes also showed an improvement, but by 25%. Not to mention, participants in the vinegar group additionally lost about 2 pounds each during the study, even though that wasn’t the purpose of the study.

As you can see, vinegar can prove to be an amazing health tonic for those who are susceptible to diabetes, those with diabetes, and for anyone looking to lose weight.

Various vinegars

The ingredient in vinegar that is the most effective in reducing blood glucose levels is acetic acid. There are many types of vinegar that you can use to help to control your blood glucose levels, and to aid in weight loss, which contain this type of acid. These include common vinegar, cider vinegar, and balsamic vinegar. However, the best to use are red, or white wine vinegars. In one study, vinegar reduced the glycemic index of bread from 100 to 64.

Lacto-fermenting fruits and vegetables

Pickling is also a technique that can prove to produce favorable glycemic results. Lacto-fermentation is a process that uses whey, rather than vinegar, to pickle fruits and vegetables. This process also adds vital nutrients, while still preserving the raw goodness of the fruits and vegetables. Fermented foods are typically eaten in small amounts, and are used as more of a condiment.

Yogurt, kefir, and buttermilk

Another group of low-carb foods includes yogurt, kefir, and buttermilk. In these foods, the sugar is actually converted to lactic acid, which has many health benefits. However, if you’re diabetic, or predisposed to high blood sugar levels, be sure to go for the plain yogurt, as opposed to the sweetened/fruity varieties.

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