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The HUGE Acid Reflux Cover-Up!

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The Covered-Up Cause of Acid Reflux leaves over 60 million Americans in agony
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Big Money Medicine wants you to believe the searing pain of reflux comes from too much stomach acid. MYTH!
They’ve created a $7 billion-a-year “acid blocking” business that literally stops the pumps in your stomach from making acid.

With their help, you may get temporary relief, but their solutions are only a “shell game.” As you’ll see, long term use of these acid blockers can lead to worse symptoms…dependency on these medications—and ironically, different acid reflux problems once you stop taking them…or even a unexplained hip or spine fracture!

The Medical Establishment’s ‘remedy’ has been a colossal failure, leaving millions dependent on acid blockers and ignoring the real problem.

Overproduction of stomach acid does NOT cause reflux, heartburn, acid indigestion or other digestive miseries that may be plaguing you. And trying to block stomach acid can ruin your digestion, allow poisons into your bloodstream—and may even lead to a hip fracture and DEATH!

My name is Dr. Earl Mindell, R.Ph., Ph.D.

I have been regarded as the world’s #1 authority on nutritional supplements, and natural health solutions for anti- aging and life-extension.
I have now authored 63 books, including my NY Times best-seller, The Vitamin Bible, published in 34 languages, and considered to be the definitive guide to nutritional supplements. My mission has been to introduce natural nutritional solutions that will help millions of people to lose weight, look younger, feel better and live longer.

I can remember Ben’s* acid reflux had gotten so bad, it was ruining his career as a lawyer. Pain was the least of it. His belching and bloating could be endured. But when he developed asthma-like symptoms, he finally came to me because…

Ben was coughing and gasping so much,

Yet today, Ben’s on top of the world again, with little or no acid reflux.

He’s breathing normally, enjoying his favorite foods again, sleeping great. He’s back in court with a bang!

What did he discover? Something I’ve known for more than 20 years:

Acid reflux can be controlled, even conquered—safely and naturally
—but only if you address the real trigger.

The Truth About Stomach Acid Nobody’s Talking About

If you want complete natural relief from acid reflux, you must first know the real story about acid.

Most people think acid in your stomach is a bad thing. But that’s a big misconception! Acid is not a bad thing.

In fact, your stomach was created to be an “acid chamber” to help digest food and proteins.

Ideally, your stomach should have a pH (acid/alkaline) reading of 3 or less—which is acidic. Zero pH is highly acidic…7 pH is neutral…and 14 pH is highly alkaline.

Why does your stomach need acid? For three important reasons:

  1.  Your stomach needs acid so it can breakdown and absorb vitamins and nutrients from food and supplements. Without this acid, your health is drained.
  2.  Your stomach needs acid to breakdown proteins into amino acids. Without this acid, your strength is zapped.
  3. Your stomach needs acid to destroy incoming bacteria and pathogens. Without this acid, you’re vulnerable to many health problems.

So the worst thing you can do is block your stomach’s ability to produce acid! This fact should have you steaming mad if you have acid reflux, and if you’ve been depending on typical “acid blocking” solutions from the Medical Establishment!

If that’s the case, then you may be wondering, what triggers the excess acid that causes acid reflux? Good question.

The real trigger of acid reflux is a shock to most

What I’ve discovered is that in most cases, acid reflux is triggered by an overgrowth of “bad” bacteria in your gut. That’s right. Acid reflux has little to do with your acid pumps overproducing acid and nearly everything to do with too much “bad” bacteria!

When you have too much bad bacteria, food you eat is not digested and broken down properly. The result? Clumps of undigested food starts to ferment and rot, which in turn produces an overgrowth of acid.

This glut of acid easily build ups and overflows into areas it was never intended to go, such as your esophagus.

So you end up with a “reflux” of acid…a burning sensation in your chest or throat…heartburn…stomach pains…constipation …or worse.

To compound this problem, most people with acid reflux do little or nothing to reduce levels of “bad” bacteria in the gut—so they suffer for years, often unnecessarily.

I know. I see people going into the Pharmacy all the time with acid reflux, and when I tell them the problem is likely caused by too much bad bacteria, they’re shocked.

In a moment, I’m going to introduce you 11 simple and natural solutions to help you to eliminate the triggers for acid reflux.

But first, you need to know…

There’s a fierce war going on in your gut.
And if “bad” bacteria wins, acid reflux reigns!

Did you know that your gut contains more than 100 trillion bacteria—about three pounds worth? This amount outnumbers cells in your body ten fold.

This is important: The key to great health, a strong immune system and resistance to acid reflux is making sure you win the war between “bad bacteria” and “good” bacteria.

If you’re like most people, when you hear the word “bacteria,” you think sickness and disease.

The fact is a healthy gut contains 15 percent bad bacteria in your stomach (disease causing). The other 85 percent is “good” or beneficial.

“Good” bacteria is vital because it: (1) boosts your immune system to fight off pathogens (did you know 80 percent of your immune system is found in your gut?)…(2) helps you absorb nutrients by breaking down carbohydrates…(3) regulates gas and balances acid…and (4) produces vitamins K and B and amino acids.

The problem is, millions of Americans have an overgrowth of “bad” bacteria due to a poor diet (for example, sugar fuels “bad” bacteria, and the average American eats 175 pounds of sugar a year)…overuse of antibiotics (which kill off “good” bacteria) …lack of sleep…stress…even being overweight!

What happens if “bad” bacteria crowds out the “good” bacteria in your gut?
*Your immune systems is weakened
*Harmful bacteria, toxins and poisons flood your bloodstream
*It’s harder for you to absorb vitamins and nutrients from foods and supplements
*Undigested food ferments in your gut
*Acid levels significantly rise, setting the stage for acid reflux

Although restoring the good bacteria in your gut is my number 1 recommendation, here are my top 9 Natural secrets for acid reflux, heartburn, acid indigestion or stomach agony.

  1. Natural Digestive Enzymes
    After dinner, do you rumble, gurgle, belch or bloat?
    These are signs your digestive tract is lacking in digestive enzymes
    The health of your body depends upon the health of your digestive tract. If you ignore these signs, you will have much more to worry about than excess gas. Over time, an unhealthy digestive tract can lead to Crohn’s Disease, ulcerative colitis, acid reflux and much more. Gastroenterologists agree that digestive enzymes like protease to digest protein, amylase to digest carbs and lipase to digest fat are critically important. But here is the problem:
    As we grow older, not only are fewer digestive enzymes produced, but we do not get enough from the food we eat. We have a deficit that results in bouts of indigestion eventually lowering our resistance to colds and flus and triggering chronic digestive problems. Choose a well balanced digestive enzyme that is plant based from a reputable nutritional company.
  2. Drink Lemon/Apple Cider Vinegar/Raw Honey/ Cayenne Pepper- 2 glasses daily
    Your Colon plays a major role in the body. It is responsible for stimulating and balancing the digestive system, maintaining water balance and regulating your immune health. It also removes toxic waste out of the body. If its work is compromised, waste accumulates in the body and eventually leads to serious health issues.
    Normally the food that we eat needs 24 hours to pass through the body – foods low in nutrients, fiber and enzymes can take 70 hours, which results in waist deposits in the intestines. This waste causes constipation and needs to be removed

The properties of cayenne pepper and lemon make them ideal for detoxing the body when used as a supplement to a healthy lifestyle. A drink of lemon water, honey and cayenne pepper taken daily can provide a wealth of benefits when included as part of a healthy diet. Cayenne pepper stimulates the digestive system and intestines and can soothe gas, a sour stomach, and other digestive problems. Lemon is also a natural stimulant for the digestive system and helps to balance acidity in the body. Drinking lemon water can reduce heartburn and acid reflux. Drink daily first thing in the morning, and you will receive all of the benefits starting first thing. Balance the intake of your detox drink with a healthy diet filled with vegetables and fruit, and you will feel much better in no time.

300 ml. water (filtered)
Add 3 TBSP of unpasteurised organic apple cider vinegar. Apple cider vinegar (ACV) contains malic acid and acetic acid. After passing through your stomach and into your duodenum, it is important that the acid is neutralized, so it does not burn your digestive tract. Bicarbonates are naturally released from the pancreas to neutralize the stomach acid and the other acids from the ACV or citrus.

¼ tablespoon Cayenne pepper powder
2 tablespoons organic maple syrup or Raw unpasteurized honey
Add two- three tbls of freshly squeezed lemon ( ½-1 Lemon) to half a glass of water. Lemon helps to improve digestion as it flushes toxins out of the body. It also stimulates the liver to produce bile- essential for digestion. Regular consumption helps to reduce indigestion and bloating.

It’s very easy to make this remedy. Mix all the ingredients together and consume it 1-2 times daily. Drink the first one in the morning before you eat anything. Make sure you drink the second one at least 3 hours after you have eaten anything

2. Eat Fermented Foods
Avoid environmental toxins and toxic foods that have artificial dyes and sweeteners. Drink purified water and breathe clean air.
Now its time to be proactive about encouraging the growth of good gut bacteria. One of the best ways is to eat more fermented foods.
These foods were commonplace in our ancestors’ diets and for good reason. They are full of good gut bacteria that will not only fight off the bad bacteria but will provide a healthy environment for better digestion. Maybe they knew better than we did?
Great fermented foods include:
• Lacto-fermented fruits and vegetables
• Non-pasteurized yogurt, cheese, and kefir
Please note: Adding too many fermented foods quickly can create some unwanted side effects. Start small—and work your way up to give your gut time to balance itself.

4. Manage Your Stress
One of the most powerful things you can do to improve your gut health (besides changing your diet) is to focus on reducing the stressors in your life. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all method to do this. The key is to pick something you enjoy and stick with it. Making time to manage your stress — whether you feel stressed or not — will reduce inflammation, lower cortisol levels, and improve your gut health.
If you need that extra help, there is a tremendous CD series called wholetones
[box type=”shadow” align=”” class=”” width=””]7 Amazing New “Musical Tones” Found To Relieve Stress… Promote Healing… Break Negative Cycles… and Restore Sound Sleep… in Minutes[/box]
Now we’re discovering what the ancients have known for millennia –music also has the power to heal.
Native Americans have used music and chanting as way to treat and protect against disease.
In an article published by The National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) in 2009, Dr. Assad Meymandi writes:

“Since ancient times, music has been recognized for its therapeutic value. Greek physicians used flutes, lyres, and zithers to heal their patients.They used vibration to aid in digestion, treat mental disturbance, and induce sleep. Aristotle (373–323 BCE), in his famous book De Anima, wrote that flute music could arouse strong emotions and purify the soul. Ancient Egyptians describe musical incantations for healing the sick.”

And so it goes in Biblical times with Zephaniah 3:17 – “He will rejoice over you with joyful songs!”
Today we’re discovering how we too can use music to heal, repair, and protect against disease.

Make sure to get enough sleep! A sleep deficit raises cortisol levels which has a negative effect on your gut. Get at least 8 hours a night.

5. Fiber: Add in a non-psyllium fiber supplement up to two times daily to ensure that you are eliminating excess waste and avoiding constipation.

“We spend a lot of money on laxatives in this country,” says Joan Salge Blake, RD, a clinical associate professor of nutrition at Boston University. Yet the best way to stay regular is to eat more fiber on a regular basis. Not only does it bulk up your stools, but it keeps waste moving through your intestines and prevents constipation.

“For fiber to work, you’ve got to hydrate it in your body,” Blake says. “You need plenty of fluid to move [waste] along or it can build up.”
The added benefit of fiber is that it contains prebiotics…. essential fibers that are food for the probiotics that help to make for efficient digestion.

“It’s food for the bacteria. They feed off of it,” Blake says. Prebiotics are found in fiber-rich foods, like certain fruits and vegetables- the best sources of which are: bananas, whole wheat, and corn.

According to, a high-fiber diet lowers your chances of getting a serious gut problem like diverticulitis which leads to inflammation or infection. Research indicates that eating a lot of fiber keeps waste moving through your system. Fiber can also help ease the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome by helping to support your digestive system and lowering your risk of getting constipation. Plus studies show it has benefits for gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), which causes heartburn,

6. Baking Soda
Even though the stomach needs acid to digest food, those acid levels can rise too high and affect your digestive health. This is due to packaged and processed goods as well as fast and fried food. A quick fix is baking soda because it acts like an antacid.
Simply stir one-half tsp into a glass of water and drink it to neutralize the acid anf give some relief from bloating.
However, you should not make this a regular habit because your stomach needs acid for proper digestion- use only in extreme situations and pursue the other remedies here for longer lasting results.

7. Herbal Tea
Drinking herbal tea after eating a heavy meal helps support digestion. Use your favorite flavor of herbal tea. Peppermint and Chamomile tea, are most effective for calming your stomach and relieving digestive problems.

8. Tumeric– (the common name for Curcuma longa) is an Indian spice derived from the rhizomes of the plant. It has a long history of use in Ayurvedic medicine as a treatment for inflammatory conditions
Also known as Cumin, it has a long history of use for digestive problems including indigestion, nausea, diarrhea, and flatulence. It plays a role in the secretion of pancreatic enzymes that aid digestion.
Simply Mix one tsp of cumin seed powder in a glass of water and drink it. Adding squeezed lemon juice and Apple Cider Vinegar can also help

    Distribution studies of curcumin in human tissues have shown that it preferentially accumulates in the intestine, colon and liver. Which is why it is so promising for gastrointestinal problems when compared with other organ systems.

9. Ginger
Ginger has been used for years to stimulate digestion and the flow of enzymes.
It is definitely advantageous to each a little in your salad or cut it into small slcies and chew on it after your meal.

10. Allergies
Do you have any known allergies? Digestive problems may result from a food allergy so you may want to have some allergy tests done. If you want to try it on your own, I would suggest that you remove some foods as a test for 2 weeks to see their effect: the top ones would be dairy products, citrus fruits, shellfish, peanuts, nuts, chocolate, eggs, caffeine and gluten. Gradually add them back to your diet so you are able to more easily discover your food sensitivity.

11. Probiotics
Most people have heard something about probiotics, but you may not know how important they may be for your digestive health.
However, not all probiotics are equal and you need to be aware of the ones that are most beneficial to your gut!
The next time you go shopping, take notice of the probiotics
on the label for popular products like yoghurt, cheese, milk, juices and fermented drinks like kombucha.
Is it a marketing tactic or are these products really beneficial?

“Some probiotics may improve the health
of your digestive tract and eliminate
digestive problems. Others reduce the
duration of colds and flu or strengthen
weakened immunity of the elderly,” says
Dr. Denis Roy, holder of a Canada
Research Chair in the dairy and
probiotic industries

Herbs that improve digestion:

  1. Chamomile – may relieve stomach cramps, supports the nervous system, fights gas and bloating, and heartburn .
  2. Lemon balm – used to calm the digestive system and contains vitamins and minerals, that support the fight against abdominal pain, gas and bloating.
  3. Ginger – fortify digestive processes, helps absorb gases and toxins
  4. Fennel seeds – may relieve nausea, anti-flatulence, stomach cramps.
  5. Lemon verbena – helps with digestion, may ease gas, and stomach cramps.
  6. Dandelion root and leaf – support digestion, and act as mild laxative.
  7. Burdock root – helps to stimulate digestion when taken 15 to 30 minutes before a meal., You shouldn’t take burdock when pregnant.
  8. Yellow dock – helps to stimulate bile production and acts as a mild laxative. The herb is used to support overall digestion and liver function.
  9. Gentian root – helps to stimulate the secretion of digestive juices, and support gall bladder function.
  10. Peppermint – relieves IBS, calms digestive spasm, relieves gas.

Additional Tips
• Eat smaller portion sizes and more frequent meals.
• Eat more slowly.
• Avoid spicy or fatty foods.
• Avoid binge and over eating.
• Do not lie down immediately after a meal. Go for a walk
• Lower your alcohol consumption.
• Stop smoking.
• Try to relax more.
• Exercise regularly.
• Discuss all options with your doctor. Ask the doctor regarding side effects of medication that may affect digestion

15 years ago, I sounded the alarm that long term use of acid blocking drugs could destroy your bones
and lead to a hip or spine facture. Now, Harvard Medical School, ABC News, msnbc, and even the FDA agrees!

Back in 1996, I gave a presentation at a medical conference warning of the unseen risks of long term use of acid blocking drugs. But my warning fell on deaf ears.

Now, 15 years later, new research shows I was right!

If you have acid reflux, then chances are good you know about acid blocking drugs or are taking them. But here’s the real story you probably haven’t been told…

  1. These drugs, known a proton pump inhibitors since they stop the acid pumps in your stomach, can give you short term relief. But they were only intended to be taken for three-week periods, no more than three times a year. Yet millions of Americans are taking them every day, often for years. At last count, 113 million prescriptions for acid blocking drugs are written each year.
  2. These drugs were designed to treat a limited range of severe problems, such as bleeding ulcers, severe acid reflux where endoscopy has confirmed damage to the esophagus, infection with the ulcer causing bacteria Helicobacter pylori or the rare Zollinger-Ellison syndrome. They were never intended for people with heartburn! Yet as many as 70 percent of people taking these drugs have mild heartburn and should never be taking them!
  3. Taken long term, these drugs can destroy your bones. When you block acid in your stomach, you can’t absorb calcium. So your body takes calcium from your bones, and your bones get brittle. Your risk of a leg, foot, hip or spinal fracture skyrockets. And according to the Journal of the American Geriatric Society, one out of five people who break a hip die within a year!

Now, Harvard Medical School, ABC News, msnbc, and even the FDA confirms that long-term use of these drugs can increase your risk of fracture.

Shockingly, a new study in Internal Medicine News reports that these drugs increased facture risk by as much as 54% after six years or longer of use. And 35 women recently filed a lawsuit claiming that Nexium caused unexplained broken feet, ankles, legs, ribs and hips and/or severe pain in these areas after taking the drug.

4) Taken long term, you’ll likely develop a tolerance and a dependence on these drugs. This means you can’t stop taking them without serious repercussions. A study in Gastroenterology reports that 40% of healthy patients who took these drugs for eight weeks, then quit, suffered heartburn, acid regurgitation or stomach discomfort even if they had never been bothered by these symptoms before. That right: The drugs, once stopped, caused new acid reflux-type problems. Could this be why so many people can’t quit taking acid blockers, even if they don’t need them anymore? Thats right: The drugs, once stopped, caused new acid reflux-type problems.  Could this be why so many people can’t quit taking acid blockers, even if they don’t need them anymore?

Important: If you’re taking any acid blocking drugs, please talk to your doctor before making any changes in your medication.

The good news is that there are natural ways you can stop indigestion and acid reflux in its tracks. Follow the simple natural suggestions in this short book and you will be well on your way to a life free of digestive distress.

For added support , I suggest a fantastic new product called BactiPlus that helps restore your stomach’s natural functions—so it produces the right amount of acid to digest foods and nutrients. That means little or no fermentation of foods and acid reflux relief!

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