7 Fun, Trendy Alternatives to Unhealthy New Year's Eve Partying

7 Fun, Trendy Alternatives to Unhealthy New Year’s Eve Partying

Getting sick of the same ol’ deal on New Year’s Eve? If you’re looking for some fun and trendy alternatives to the usual NYE partying then you’re in luck, because the ideas that we’ve got for you will not only guarantee a great time, but also a much healthier time.

Home Spa Parties

It doesn’t get any healthier than a night of relaxation with your closest friends! Many spas are now offering home spa party packages that include massages, facials, and more. Get your friends together, serve up some gourmet snacks and beverages and enjoy being pampered this New Year’s Eve.


Whether you’re in a part of the world that’s warm on New Year’s Eve or not; camping is one healthy alternative that will ensure you and your friends have a night to remember! Book a camping space, build a fire and pitch a tent or rent a winterized cabin. Forget drunken, rowdy crowds and smoky bars and instead enjoy a cozy fire, board games, homemade treats, and a celebration reminiscent of a more wholesome time gone by.

Potluck Party

Forget hosting expensive catered parties and instead have a “potluck party” this New Year’s. Food made from scratch is already a considerably healthier option since you know exactly what you’re eating. You can make it even healthier by specifying organic dishes only or even low-fat faire. Not fun enough? Then make it a “themed” potluck with only Indian cuisine or other exotic foods.

Green Party

There’s nothing trendier than being “green,” so it’s no surprise that green parties are all the rage. Some ideas for a green New Year’s Eve party include using no electricity and instead relying on candlelight for ambience and musical instruments for entertainment. Using recycled or borrowed party supplies is another great idea.

Home Dance Party

Whether you recreate the disco area in your home with costumes, mirror balls, and the sounds of the Bee Gees, or pull out your video game console and pop in a dance game; nothing makes for a better time than gettin’ down with your friends to some good tunes and a lot of laughs. You don’t need much to have a home dance party and all that boogying will help you burn off any of your holiday extras!

Go Local

Instead of stressing over coming up with the biggest and most impressive NYE plans, consider looking at what’s going on in your own neighborhood. Most towns and cities ring in the New Year with special events such as outdoor skating, free concerts, fairs, and more. Most of these celebrations force you to keep drinking to a minimum and serve goodies grown and sold locally. So celebrate with your town and support your community.

Stay In

What a novel idea! Staying in on New Year’s Eve is becoming ever-popular because it’s inexpensive and hassle-free . . . not to mention safe from the perils and danger of drunk drivers. If you’ve had your fill of the stresses of the holiday season, then why not ring in the New Year at home watching your favorite movies and doing as you please?

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