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Are you one of the 95 million folks suffering from constipation… gas… irritable bowels… bloating… indigestion… or acid reflux?

If so, you may think that your digestive problems aren’t such a big deal — maybe even a normal part of life. But don’t be fooled! These nagging symptoms could be the beginning of much bigger problems…

“You should be completely unaware of your gut,” says Steven Lamm, M.D., clinical assistant professor at New York University School of Medicine. “You should be unaware of your digestion and bowel movements. It should be effortless, seamless, and natural. You shouldn’t get bloated, gaseous, or have trouble with constipation.”

But the sad truth is, almost no one these days experiences “effortless” digestion. And most folks are in the dark about the real reason they experience digestion pain…

If you’re like most folks (especially age 40 and over) you may have been told by your doctor that the main cause of your digestion problems are foods like tomatoes… corn and wheat…

… spicy foods like chili… tamales… and jalapeños…

… or dairy-based foods like pizza… ice cream… or even cottage cheese.

Or you may have just figured on your own that these foods are the culprits to your stomach and bowel problems.

But surprising new research reveals… this just isn’t true!

Want to know the real, underlying cause behind your embarrassing gas, diarrhea, and constipation problems? Check out these 6 surprising digestion secrets you probably won’t hear about from your doctor. Plus, find out the 10-second step you can take to end your digestion problems for good naturally

Secret#1: It’s not the FOODS that you eat that wreak havoc with your digestive system…

… it’s the foods you don’t properly digest and eliminate that are the real cause of your stomach and bowel problems!

And you can literally put an end to your worst digestive problems — in the FASTEST TIME POSSIBLE — if you do this one single thing: Take digestive enzymes!

Secret #2: Without digestive enzymes, your vitamins and supplements are USELESS!

Most Americans know about vitamins, herbs and supplements — but less than 10% of the population know the real value of enzymes — how they’re the missing link for optimal health.

But the truth is: No food… no vitamin… no herb… no nutritional supplement can do any good for you — unless you have enzymes to break them down so your body can properly digest them!

That’s just how powerful enzymes are. In fact, you have over 100 trillion cells in your body — and each and every one of those cells need enzymes to function.

Secret #3: You can’t get an adequate amount of digestive enzymes from the foods you eat!

If you eat raw foods like fruits and vegetables — you get adequate enzymes in those foods to break them down so you can digest them.

But if you eat foods that are cooked… microwaved… fried… baked… or even broiled – you’re left with NO enzymes in those foods to break them down!

Without adequate amounts of digestive enzymes — foods stay in your stomach longer — causing gas, indigestion and other digestive problems. And these clumps of undigested foods can irritate your digestive tract — and cause food allergies… irritable bowels… stomach cramps… and leaky gut — just to name a few.

Secret #4: By the time you reach age 40 – your enzyme production slows down to a

Your body starts to create enzymes as early as 9 weeks in the womb — and it keeps your supply of enzymes full for decades to come!

By the time you reach age 40 — your enzyme supply starts to plummet. And research shows your production of enzymes continues to drop about 13% with each passing decade! What’s more, if you have problems with your health… don’t always eat a healthy diet… or experience bouts of STRESS… your enzyme storage may be nearly GONE!

That’s why especially after age 40 — the foods you eat give wreak havoc on your digestive system!

Secret #5: Research shows you need a proprietary blend of 7 critical enzymes with every meal to promote optimum digestion.

These powerful enzymes include:

  • Amylase & Malt diastase — Easily breaks down the carbohydrates you eat with every meal!
  • Protease — Breaks down even hard-to-digest proteins and build strong muscle!
  • Lipase — Feeds your brain the essential fats it craves — and helps your body absorb fat-soluble vitamins like vitamins A, D, E and K!
  • Cellulase — Helps digest fiber and give you the nutrients you need from plant-based foods!
  • Lactase — Helps break down dairy products FAST!
  • Invertase — Quickly breaks down your food into simple sugars — (glucose and fructose) — so you can fight off food allergies… prevent excess gas build-up in your GI tract… and boost your energy levels!

Secret #6: You should take a high-quality digestive enzyme supplement EVERYDAY to help break down the foods you eat and improve your digestive health.

According to market-research experts, enzyme supplements are becoming extremely popular as more people discover that they can help you soothe painful stomach problems… digest all your food at EVERY MEAL… and keep your colon free of TOXIC GUNK!

One enzyme product that stands out above the rest is called Nutri-Zyme. It contains a synergistic blend of the essential enzymes you need to properly digest ALL of your foods — even hard to digest proteins… carbohydrates… and fats!

Plus, this powerful enzyme blend helps keep your digestive tract healthy so you INSTANTLY start to experience optimum nutrition — and relief from your most bothersome digestion problems.

That’s what makes Nutri-Zyme such a stellar remedy. Thousands of folks (that used to experience bothersome digestive problems) are thrilled and amazed at their results!

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