Think of the one food… that no matter how it’s served… you absolutely REFUSE to eat.

For me it’s green peas. I hate green peas. As a kid, the smell of peas made my stomach turn and I would immediately start to gag. As an adult, nothing’s changed. If I’m served with a dish that has green peas in it… I quickly pick them out and scoot them to the side of my plate… for fear of “contamination”! You see, I honestly believe that if a green pea touches the rest of my food for too long – the entire dish is ruined. I can literally taste green pea residue on my rice… on my meat… or even on my bread. Yuck!

You May Think I’m Crazy, But I’m Not Alone…

You see, while I won’t eat green peas for the simple fact that they taste bad to me – health experts around the world have come up with their own list of foods they ABSOLUTELY REFUSE to eat for more justifiable reasons including pesticides… GMO’s… and other toxic JUNK these foods contain.

In fact, these experts WON’T TOUCH these foods with a 10-foot pole. Here’s a list of the top 5 foods the experts avoid – and what they will eat instead. Be sure to jot down a few notes so you can avoid the worst of what your local grocery store has to offer – and switch to a healthier alternative starting today!

1. Non-organic Strawberries

You say: They’re loaded with vitamin C!

The expert says: “If this is how berries are grown – I don’t want to eat them anymore!” – Robert Kenner,  founder of, and director of Food Inc.

Here’s the problem: In 2017, the EWG Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides in Produce found that, out of 36,000 samples, strawberries have the most pesticides of any conventionally grown fruit. Because most fruits have soft skin, the pesticides that are used to prevent insects and bugs from destroying fruits – actually destroy you! These toxic chemicals seep into the flesh of the fruit and into your mouth when you take a bite. No amount of washing or peeling can remove them.

Try this instead: Go organic! Organic strawberries are more nutritious than their pesticide-filled counterparts.  Plus, the soil that organic strawberries are grown is healthier, too!

2. Corn

You say: It’s a sweet… delicious…’must-have’ food for summer meals!

The expert says: “I avoid corn because most of it is genetically modified…” – Maryam Henein, director of the documentary Vanishing of the Bees.

Here’s the problem: The vast majority of our nation’s corn supply is genetically engineered to 1. Produce its own pesticide supply within the corn plant or 2. Withstand heavy sprayings of herbicide (the goal is for the herbicide to eliminate weeds and not the corn plant). In 2018, over 90% of corn crops are genetically modified, compared to just 12% in 1997.

Try this instead: Corn is present in most processed foods. You’ll even find it in the most surprising sources – like ketchup or salad dressing. However, be sure to avoid foods containing high-fructose corn syrup. To avoid genetically engineered corn, choose Non-GMO Verified varieties.

3. Canned Tomatoes

You say: It’s fast, convenient and I don’t have time to prepare fresh tomatoes in advance.

The expert says: “I won’t go near canned tomatoes.” – University of Missouri endocrinologist, Fredrick Vom Saal (studies bisphenol-A)

Here’s the problem: Tin cans are lined with a resin that contains bisphenol-A – or BPA – a synthetic estrogen that has been linked to serious health conditions including heart disease… diabetes… erectile dysfunction…reproductive problems… and more. But the biggest problem is this: The acid in tomatoes breaks down BPA – and causes it to leak into the food. In fact, Professor Vom Saal reports, “You can get 50 mcg of BPA per liter out of a tomato can, and that’s a level that is going to impact people, particularly the young.”

Try this instead: Purchase tomatoes in glass bottles. You can also try the varieties in Tetra-Pak boxes like Trader Joes and Pomi.

4. Swordfish

You say: It’s loaded with Omega 3’s!

The expert says: “Make avoiding mercury in fish a priority.” – Philip Landrigan, MD, Professor  of pediatrics and professor and chair of preventive medicine at Mount Sinai School of Medicine

Here’s the problem: Swordfish is incredibly high in mercury – the potent neurotoxin that can trigger heart attacks in adults and damage unborn children. Pregnant women should especially avoid this fish.

Try this instead: Try wild-caught Alaskan salmon… Atlantic mackerel, or pole-caught Pacific Albacore tuna. All of these options are low in contaminants – and will give you the healthy omega-3 boost you need!

5. Non-organic Potatoes

You say: They’re inexpensive and my kids love them. It’s the perfect complement to almost any meal!

The expert says: “I’ve talked with potato growers who say point-blank they would never eat the potatoes they sell. They have separate plots where they grow potatoes for themselves without all the chemicals.”– Jeffery Moyer, Chair of the National Organic Standards Board

Here’s the problem: Potatoes are a staple in the American diet. In order to produce a fast growing “healthy” crop, potatoes are treated with fungicides during the growing season… sprayed with herbicides during harvesting… and then treated after they’re dug up to prevent sprouting. Can you say chemical-overload?

Try this instead: Again – only buy organic potatoes. At just $1 – $2 a pound, you won’t break the bank buying the healthier option.

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