Men’s Daily activities affecting Fertility
Have you been struggling with conceiving?  Perhaps you thought it would happen according to your five-year plan . . . but things aren’t exactly turning out that way.   Well, your lack of luck in the baby department might have something to do with your daily habits.  It turns out that a lot of men are inadvertently messing up their own fertility, simply by lifestyle choices.  From the gadgets we use, to the food we eat . . . and even the underwear we wear; guys can be making themselves infertile without even realizing it.

What’s He Eating?
We know that obesity is linked to diseases like cancer and heart disease, but few men know that being overweight can affect their fertility as well.  A diet that’s high in fat and calories will pack on the pounds, and those pounds increase estrogen in a man’s body. This, in turn, leads to fertility problems.

But it turns out that fat isn’t the only thing in your diet that you need to watch out for if you’re looking to become a Dad.  Pesticides that are commonly used on produce, and many of the additives fed to the livestock we end up eating also contain agents that increase the estrogen levels in our bodies.  All of this makes a good diet, preferably an organic one, extremely important if you’re on the daddy track.

Still Smoking and Drinking Too Much?
It doesn’t seem to matter if we know how bad smoking and drinking too much alcohol can be for our health. Many people continue to party like it’s 1999 more often than they should. If you or your guy has trouble understanding moderation when it comes to alcohol, or has not managed to quit smoking despite all the dangers associated with it; then chances are that there are going to be fertility problems to deal with.  Alcohol stops zinc absorption, which is crucial to a man’s fertility.  And smoking of any kind binds to estrogen receptors and affects sperm and ultimately fertility.

Is It Getting Hot In Here?
There’s a reason why testicles sit on the outside of a man’s body, and it turns out that the reasons are not just ornamental!  The temperature of a man’s testicles is crucial for proper sperm production and even the health of the sperm.  So by hanging on the outside of the body, they’re able to keep within the cooler temperature they need in order to do what they’re supposed to.

Many men are inadvertently increasing the temperature in their testicles when  they wear tight pants or underwear, spend time soaking in hot baths or hot tubs, and even when they carry a cell phone in their front pocket or use a laptop on their lap.

Understanding these not-so-commonly-known facts about male fertility could help you tweak your lifestyle just enough to help improve your chances of being a Dad . . . which is good news for wannabe Moms too!

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