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The secret to natural medicine for many common health issues is simply… honey. It has many healing properties, as it acts as an anti-viral, anti-antibiotic and anti-fungal. Honey has been used as an effective treatment for conditions such as burns, and fighting colds and flu. Keep reading for three recipes of honey’s natural medicine, as well as the best honey to use when making your homemade remedy.

What is the best honey to use?

The best honey to use is when making your own natural medicine is organic raw honey that is produced by your local beekeepers. It is much more nutritious and usually tastes better than store-bought honey. Generally small-scale beekeepers will take better care of their hives than those who deal with large-scale honey production.

Making Medicinal Honey

If you’re interested in making your own medicinal honey, start with one of these three recipes:

  1. Herbal honey with lemon balm and ginger: Heat one cup of raw honey until it is liquefied. Add in one-quarter cup fresh chopped lemon balm and two tablespoons peeled minced ginger and simmer for 20 minutes. Put into a glass jar and cap tightly. This concoction is effective in soothing the stomach and fighting colds.
  2. Try hyssop and thyme, which is good for congestion. You can also add lavender, mint, rosemary, sage and rose hips. For each cup of honey, add in one-quarter cup of fresh herbs or one-eighth cup of dried herbs.
  3. Garlic honey remedy: This is excellent at fighting the cold and flu and is great to have around the house, especially during the winter months. Fill a jar with garlic cloves and pour raw honey over it. Let the mix- ture infuse for several days before you use it.

Storing Medicinal Honey

Store your medicinal honey in the refrigerator or a cool, dry cabinet. Your honey will last about one year. Make sure to write the date on the jar so you can keep track of its freshness.


When you’re feeling sick, take a teaspoon several times a day. To fight the flu, you can mix a teaspoon of your honey mixture with raw apple cider vinegar and hot water to make an herbal drink. Some people also like to add cayenne pepper, which also has amazing healing benefits.

It is important to know that although children love the taste of honey, you cannot give honey to infants under the age of one because of the risk of botulism.

Honey Heals

What better way to heal your ailing body than with Nature’s medicine? Keep in mind that honey is still a “sugar.” Just because you are using honey don’t think you can double up on the dose. The key is to get honey from your local area and not from a supermarket.

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