Fire heart

Heartburn can ruin a perfectly great dinner.  There are some natural remedies you can do to prevent or help heartburn, so you can enjoy the foods you love.

Many times, our favorite foods are not so healthy, especially that spicy Chili or hot tamales.  Whatever you choose to indulge in, the burning sensation or pain in the stomach is not always fun to deal with…

Especially if you lie down directly after a meal.  Generally you will experience belching, nausea, as well as vomiting and a bitter taste in your mouth.

While there are a few over the counter acid relief medications, you should first try some of these home remedies.  They will save you time and money, as well be much healthier for you.

•    Suck on a small piece of basil leaves when you feel acid in your stomach
•    Chilled milk is a great quick remedy for heartburn.
•    Chew some almonds to relieve heartburn.
•    Ginger root with honey is great after a meal.
•    Drink a lot of water to clean out your system
•    Eat fruits, such as apples, watermelon and bananas.

While you may not want to avoid foods because of heartburn, it is sometimes necessary to limit your food intake of the following because of their high acidity:

•    Garlic
•    Onion
•    Pepper
•    Radish
•    Cabbage

Also, you should try not to consume too many fried foods, pickled foods and spicy foods if you are prone to have heartburn or acid.