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Ahhhh . . . The sneezing. The stuffiness. The sinus pressure. You’ve felt it. I’ve felt it. It’s HAY FEVER! And no matter how hard you try to stop it, ease it, or prevent it, nothing seems to work. Until now. Research may have found a cure for hay fever. That’s right – not just a remedy, but a cure! And it’s simpler than you might think.

There are a host of possible benefits to ensuring the probiotics in some form is part of your daily diet. What started out as a miracle cure for digestive problems such as indigestion, ulcers, and allergies to foods has now become a miracle cure for many other common conditions that people face. For example, the most recent study has found that drinking probiotic yogurt may actually limit the effects of and even cure hay fever. In this article, we discuss this topic and the findings of the study.

What Exactly is Hay Fever?
Hay fever is a chronic condition that affects millions of people on a seasonal basis and is directly a result of a person’s allergic reaction to pollen. The most common symptoms of this uncomfortable condition are sneezing, watering eyes, running nose, puffy and irritated eyes, and general symptoms that you would find occurring with the common cold.

Can You Avoid the Culprit – Pollen?
In many cases, the best way to avoid symptoms of an allergy has always been to find out what you are allergic to and avoid it. Unfortunately, pollen is a substance that you cannot easily avoid, especially if you are outside and breathing the air! Pollen is airborne and how much pollen is prevalent in an area per year can vary, making allergy sufferers subject to whatever intensity of hay fever Mother Nature seeks to give them.

Is it Really that Bad?
Not only is it unavoidable in many cases, but it also seems to be on the rise! In Britain alone (where the study was conducted) hay fever affects 1 in 4. Every year, Brits spend millions of dollars (or rather, pounds) trying to alleviate the eye watering and miserable symptoms of hay fever on both over the counter drugs and homeopathic treatments.

However, scientists report that the new cure may put an end to both the suffering and the spending with what they are touting the “anti-hay fever drinkable yogurt.”

The Research
The trial study into the properties of probiotic yogurt, by scientists at the University of Anglia, has found that properties in probiotic yogurt in the right quantities can actual build “an immune response to pollen.” With this recent finding, they intend to follow up with a series of clinical trials in which they create an atmosphere of large scores of pollen, and then follow up with ingestion of the probiotic drink. From there, they will be able to study how much effect the properties of probiotics actually have on the allergy prone in response to the common culprit of hay fever.

The study is being led by Dr. Andrew Wilson who is an expert in respiratory conditions and allergies.

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