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I love garlic. No, I mean I REALLY love garlic. I love the smell of it sautéing on the stove. I love the little chunks I get in every bite of my homemade pico de gallo. And I just can’t get enough of roasted garlic mashed potatoes… YUM!

I add some to my veggies. I put it in all of my favorite sauces. And thanks to some wisdom passed down to me from my grandmother – I even eat it raw when I’m sick.

Yep. That’s me the garlic fiend. And I’m proud of it – especially after research led me to some surprising benefits of garlic that I had never heard about in my life!

That’s right, garlic is the source of some surprising everyday health and beauty benefits that I’m willing to bet you’ve probably never heard about either. From re-growing hair… to wiping out athlete’s foot… garlic is the kitchen ingredient that packs a powerful punch!

Check out these 10 Surprising Benefits of Garlic:

1. The garlicky smell… makes it work OH SO well!

It’s true! Garlic has a variety of potent sulphur-containing compounds – and that’s what gives it the pungent “garlicky” smell. One compound in particular – called allicin – is known for its anti-bacterial… anti-viral… anti-fungal… and antioxidant properties. It acts a natural antibiotic that your body won’t build resistance to!

This powerful compound – along with others including alliin a sulfur compound found in onions –  have been proven to help boost your immune system… improve digestion… help lower blood pressure… promote healthy circulation… and MUCH more!

2. Fights off (and prevents!) colds and flu!

Use garlic daily to fuel your body with the powerful antioxidants it needs to fight off dangerous virus causing germs.

Make sure to eat raw garlic at the FIRST sign of a cold. Do you feel a “twinge” in your throat? Does your head feel stuffy? REACH FOR THE GARLIC! The sooner you take garlic, the faster your results!

Already sick? Eat 2-3 cloves of raw garlic every 2-3 hours. Do not eat raw garlic on an empty stomach.

3. Your hair will grow… Grow… GROW!

The antioxidant-rich compound allicin has been clinically shown to effectively RE-GROW hair.

Rub sliced garlic cloves directly on your scalp. Or you can infuse oil with garlic and massage it your scalp.

4. Lose weight and inches too!

According to a recent Korean study, mice eating a garlic-rich diet significantly reduced their weight and fat stores!

Cook with garlic daily for tasty, healthy meals that help control your weight!

5. Banish blemishes and acne!

The powerful antioxidants contained in garlic help clear up skin blemishes. Rub a sliced clove of garlic on pimple-prone areas for an all-natural treatment! Even helps reduce and eliminate acne scars!

6. Alleviates cold sores!

Hold crushed garlic directly on the cold sore to help reduce pain and swelling. Repeat twice a day until cold sore is gone. For a small cold sore one application per day is enough. For a large cold sore it will take two to three days to heal.

7. Soothes dry, itchy skin!

The proven anti-inflammatory properties contained in garlic make it the perfect solution for relief from dry skin… rashes… and even psoriasis! Rub a dab of garlic oil on the affected area for relief!

8. Eliminate athlete’s foot!

Just soak your feet in warm water and crushed garlic to help eliminate fungal infections like athlete’s foot or ringworm. Thanks to the powerful anti-fungal properties contained in garlic you’ll be well on your way to all-natural relief!

9. Repels Mosquitoes!

One study in India found that people who rubbed a garlic-blend on their arms and legs weren’t bothered by mosquitoes!

Try this recipe for an all-natural mosquito repellent:

Mix together equal parts of garlic oil… petroleum jelly… and beeswax. Rub on your arms and legs for an INSTANT mosquito repellant.

10. All natural pesticide!

To keep unwanted critters out of your garden, make a paste with garlic… mineral oil… water… and liquid soap. Mist over plants to keep the pests away!

Know any other surprising benefits of garlic? We’d love to hear your comments!

More Helpful Tips

4 Tricks to Eating Garlic Raw

If you REALLY want to clobber colds and fight the flu FAST… you gotta eat garlic raw. Does the thought of that make you feel nauseous? Well, you’re not alone! Try these tricks to help you eat fresh garlic…

Make a Garlic Sandwich!

Butter a piece of toast (or use olive oil instead!) and garnish with a couple of chopped garlic cloves. Fold the bread in half and you have yourself an ultimate garlic lovers sandwich!

Add dressing!

Chop garlic and drizzle your favorite salad dressing on top. Balsamic vinegar is a great option!

Put it in Guacamole!

Add a few cloves of crushed garlic for a flavorful guacamole! Make your own or pick up your favorite store bought version. Either way, it makes raw garlic taste great!

Drizzle with honey!

Got a sweet tooth? Take 2-3 cloves of minced garlic and drizzle one teaspoon of honey on top. Enjoy!

Do this ONE simple thing to make sure you get optimal health benefits when cooking with garlic…

Crush fresh garlic, then let it sit at room temperature for a full 10 minutes before cooking. Studies show this helps retain about 70% of antioxidant rich compounds compared to cooking it immediately after crushing.

Crushing (or chopping) the clove releases an enzyme that boosts the levels of health promoting compounds contained in garlic. This enzyme peaks after 10 minutes of crushing – and if the garlic is cooked before then, the enzymes are destroyed!