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Natural Cures: Fever

Vinegar on Your Feet
Posted March 19, 2012
It may sound bizarre, but this is yet another tried and true application for vinegar.

Dilute a few capfuls of vinegar with half that amount of warm water. Soak two washcloths in the mixture then wrap the cloths around the feet or legs. Vinegar cools when it evaporates, in turn cooling down the feverish individual.

Some people suggest rubbing alcohol will have the same effect, but this is more toxic and should be used sparingly, particularly with children.

And keep in mind that fevers are the body's way of eradicating an infection or bacteria. Generally, you should only treat a fever if the person is uncomfortable or it is dangerously high, at which point consult a doctor. Try not to cool the body down too quickly to the point of shivering.

Posted October 10, 2011
Drink plenty of water, juices (for the vitamins and the antioxidants), and tea (those made from Linden, Willow Bark, and Black Elder have long been known to have fever reducing properties when served cold).

Instead of taking a bath, use a washcloth or sponge to add moisture to your skin. The evaporation of the water will provide a cooling sensation and encourage your body back to regular temperature levels.

Also cold, wet compresses work well. When the compresses become hot, remove them and start over with fresh, cool compresses.

Relieve Your Fever with Natural Tea
Yoga Bear
Posted August 11, 2008

Tea made out of the yarrow plant or from the bark of slippery elm can be sipped by the sick to relieve a raging fever.

Onion Can Help a Fever
Gym Rat
Posted August 11, 2008

Draw out the fever of sickness by placing slices of raw onion onto the bottom of the feet. Rub the onion juice well into the feet and between the toes. Do not remove for at least an hour.

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Fever Fruit
Posted August 11, 2008

Grapes are the very best food for one suffering from a fever. Eat a small handful every one to two hours during the day. Eating raspberries is also extremely healthy for one ailing from a fever.

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