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Community Contributor - Michael Mathiesen

Michael Mathiesen

Michael Mathiesen

Medically trained Doctors don't want to know about Alternative Health products because they were told in Medical school that it's quackery.  In reality, recent studies have shown that much of the surgeries that are performed in this country were unnecessary and were just done to produce a profit for the hospital and doctors involved.  So, who's kidding who?
Michael Mathiesen is a practicing skeptic on all Medical procedures due to many, many surgeries recommended by medial doctors over the years that turned out to be unnecessary such as dental surgery the problem solved by gargling with Hydrogen Peroxide every few days, hemorroid surgery made unnecessary, hemorhoids having gone away by utilizing more fiber in my diet.  Heart surgery and heart medication made unecessary by my use of anti-oxidants.  Even cured myself of Diabetes Type II by regularly ingesting cinnamon.  Currently investigating the use of vegetable and seaweed extracts for weight loss.

Also, the father of two beautiful daughters and the Inventor of Electrified Freeways of the Future, currently with the US Dept. of Energy for their review.


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