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Community Contributor - Lord Rudi C. Loehwing

Lord Rudi C. Loehwing

Lord Rudi C. Loehwing

Natural Health Advocate, Publicist, Marketing and Business Consultant, Broadcast Journalist, Publisher, Film Producer and Narrative Director.

Managing Director of the World Institute of Natural Health Sciences (WINHS.ORG); HealthNet Publishing (HealthNetPublishing.com).

Lord Rudi C. Loehwing (baron, 1999)

Natural Health Advocate, Publicist, Marketing and Business Consultant, Broadcast Journalist, Publisher, Film Producer and Narrative Director.

born. July 26, 1957

parents. Rudy Loehwing Sr. (deceased) and Joan Marie (Bell) Lukowiac

married. Lady Claire Popham

children: The Honourable Rudi Charles Douglas III, Anna Marie, Samantha Diane, Ian Ryan, Aspasia Alexandrina and Tesia Victoria


Biscayne University, FL, USA, Communications and Journalism

Seton Hall University, N.J. USA, Business

Broadcast / Film Career:

  • Child actor; New York, Los Angeles 1970 – 77
  • Radio Presenter; WNEW, WHBI, WNBC, BBC, Radio Moscow 1974 – 94.
  • Radio and Television Producer; American Culture Entertainment, Hollywood, CA 1989 – 94.
  • Worldwide and regional radio broadcasts and syndications including; "Hands Across the Water" (BBC), "International (Country) Top 10" and "The Rock of Russia" (Radio Moscow World Service), "Job Search," (Hollywood, CA), "Talk Back Live," (Hollywood, CA),
  • Executive Producer / Director – Television programs, documentaries and commercial advertisements 1993 – present.
  • Presenter, PBS.
  • Producer / Director” 2004 Film; “The Real Risks in Natural Health Care” narrated by Dr. Rob Verkerk, PhD and British actress Mary Healey.
  • Assoc Prod/Narrative Dir: 2005 Film; “We Become Silent” narrated by Dame Judi Dench
  • Assoc Prod/Narrative Dir: 2008 Film; “Generation Rx” narrated by David Suchet, OBE

Executive Positions:

President American Culture Entertainment, 1975 – 77 (USA)

CEO Broadcasters Network, Ltd., 1989 – present, (UK)

CEO Broadcasters Network International, Inc., 1989 – 02 (USA)

CEO BNI Communications, USA 1997 – 03 (US)

Founder and Chairman of BNI News Group, 1997 – 04 (US/UK)

Founder and Managing Director of the World Institute of National Health
Sciences, (US/UK/GER), 2004 – present (Int’l)

Advisory Committee, Alliance for Natural Health, 2005 – present (Int’l)

President Universal City Medical Center, 2001 – 03 (USA)

President Televesting Group, Inc., 2004 – present (US)

Public Affairs Coordinator Mensa, 2008 – present (US)

President HealthNet Publishing, 2008 – present (US)

Board of Directors:

International Association of Broadcasters, 1977 – present

First Break, Inc. USA, England, 1989 – 01

Just Say No to Drugs Association, 1989 – 01

Los Angeles Civic Light Opera, 1990 – 92
Tax Education Association 1995 – 97

Strategic Advisory Committee, 2005 – present


Memberships and Associations:

Elevated to the British peerage in 1999


National Press Club

Professional Business Communicator’s Association (Founder) 


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