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Vitamin D in Rheumatology Patients

In a study involving 272 rheumatology outpatients (with a mean 25(OH)D of 21 microg/L), out of which 20 were found to have vitamin D deficiency, 215 were found to have vitamin D insufficiency, and 37 were found to have normal levels of vitamin D, among patients with osteoporosis, 31% had normal results and the mean 25(OH)D was 25 microg/L, in the group of patients with inflammatory rheumatic diseases, 12% had normal results and the mean 25(OH)D was 20.5 microg/L, and in the small group of patients with degenerative diseases, 21% had normal results and the mean 25(OH)D was found to be 21.8 microg/L. Among patients taking supplementations, vitamin D insufficiency and deficiency were found in 38% of patients. The authors state, "These results confirm that hypovitaminosis D is highly prevalent in an outpatient population of rheumatology patients, affecting 86% of subjects."


"High prevalence of hypovitaminosis D in a Swiss rheumatology outpatient population," Stoll D, Dudler J, et al, Swiss Med Wkly, 2011 May 27; [Epub ahead of print]. (Address: Center for Bone Diseases, Lausanne University Hospital (CHUV) - DAL, Avenue Pierre Decker 4, 1011 Lausanne, CH. E-mail: delphine.stoll@chuv.ch ).

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