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Probiotics in the Treatment of Antibiotic-associated Diarrhea

In a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, pilot study involving 31 hospitalized patients (mean age: 51 years; 63% female; 37% male) receiving antibiotics, experiencing "antibiotic-associated diarrhea," supplementation with the probiotic, L. reuteri (1x10 CFU, 2x/d) for a period of 4 weeks was found to be associated with significantly lower frequency of diarrhea (7.7%), as compared to subjects receiving a placebo (50%). No significant differences in frequency or severity of gastrointestinal symptoms were found. The authors conclude, "In this placebo-controlled, pilot study, L. reuteri twice daily for 4 weeks significantly decreased AAD among hospitalized adults. L. reuteri was safe and well tolerated."


"A Randomized, Double-blind, Placebo-controlled Pilot Study of Lactobacillus reuteri ATCC 55730 for the Prevention of Antibiotic-associated Diarrhea in Hospitalized Adults," Cimperman L, Bayless G, et al, J Clin Gastroenterol, 2011 May 5; [Epub ahead of print]. (Address: Department of Medicine, University Hospitals Case Medical Center, Department of Nutrition, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH, USA).

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