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Low Plasma Coenzyme Q10 Levels and Breast Cancer Risk

In a prospective, nested, case-control study involving 340 Chinese women with breast cancer and 653 age-matched controls, conditional logistic regression modeling, adjusted for age and age at first live birth, revealed a significant inverse association between breast cancer incidence and plasma coenzyme Q10 level, after eliminating cases diagnosed within one year of blood draw, independent of menopausal status. In addition, plasma levels of coenzyme Q10 were found to be significantly associated with circulating gamma-tocopherol and alpha-tocopherol levels. The authors conclude, "This study reports an inverse relationship between circulating CoQ(10) and breast cancer risk, while the only other prospective study of CoQ(10) and breast cancer to date found a positive association. Lower levels of CoQ(10) in the SWHS population suggests that the two studies may not be contradictory and indicates a possible non-linear (U-shaped) association of CoQ(10) with risk."


"Low plasma coenzyme Q10 levels and breast cancer risk in Chinese women," Cooney RV, Dai Q, et al, Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev, 2011 April 5; [Epub ahead of print]. (Address: Office of Public Health Studies, University of Hawaii at Manoa, Hawaii, USA).

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