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Gut Microbiota(Bacteria) And Type 2 Diabetes

In a study involving 18 diabetic adults and 18 non-diabetic adults, lower levels of gut microbiota were found to be present in diabetic adults. Fecal bacterial composition was investigated in the participants, and the proportions of phylum Firmicutes and class Clostridia were significantly reduced in the diabetic group compared to the control group. Additionally, positive correlations were found between the ratios of Bacteroidetes to Firmicutes as well as the ratios of Bacteroides-Prevotella to C. coccoides-E. rectale and plasma glucose concentrations. Lastly, class Betaproteobacteria was highly enriched in diabetic compared to non-diabetic persons and positively correlated with plasma glucose. Thus, the authors conclude, "The results of this study indicate that type 2 diabetes in humans is associated with compositional changes in intestinal microbiota. The level of glucose tolerance should be considered when linking microbiota with metabolic diseases such as obesit y and developing strategies to control metabolic diseases by modifying the gut microbiota."   Reference: "Gut microbiota in human adults with type 2 diabetes differs from non-diabetic adults," Larsen N, Jakobsen M, et al, PLoS One, 2010; 5(2): e9085. (Address: Department of Food Science, University of Copenhagen, Frederiksberg, Denmark
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