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Ever Wonder Why People Blush?

When some fair-skinned people feel embarrassment, they blush. When they blush, they get more embarrassed, because they feel that it's a sign of weakness--visible proof that they can't keep their cool, according to The Week. Stop worrying, says new research: Blushing is actually good for your social reputation. When researchers asked a group of volunteers to judge people's personalities based on photos, people who were pictured with a pink flush were more likely to be seen as sympathetic characters.

In another study, scientists found that blushing can hasten bonding in a fraternity-like setting. "It was a subtle effect, but we found that the frequency of blushing predicted how well these guys were getting along at the end," psychologist Dacher Keltner tells The New York Times. Blushing signals to others that you have a heart and are sensitive to what other people think of you. It's therefore endearing. "A blush comes on in two or three seconds," Keltner says, "and says, I care." May you always be blessed with good health.
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