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Eating More Fruits and Vegetables and Less Refined Cereals May be Associated with Lower Risk of Stomach Cancer

In a case-control study involving 230 subjects with incident histologically confirmed stomach cancer and 547 healthy controls, regular consumption of fruits and vegetables may exert a protective effect against risk of stomach cancer, whereas higher intake of refined cereals may increase the risk of stomach cancer. After adjusting for potential confounders, the highest quintile for refined cereal intake was associated with more than a two-fold increased risk of stomach cancer, compared with the lowest quintiles of intake. Similar associations were observed for consumption of potatoes and soups. On the other hand, highest quintiles of intake of fruits and vegetables were associated with 47% and 53% reduced risks of stomach cancer, respectively, compared with the corresponding lowest quintiles of intake. Thus, the authors conclude, "The results of this study confirm a protective role of vegetables and fruit against stomach cancer and suggest a detrimental effect of ( ;refined) cereals on this neoplasm."
"Food groups and alcoholic beverages and the risk of stomach cancer: a case-control study in Italy," Lucenteforte E, Scita V, et al, Nutr Cancer, 2008; 60(5): 577-84
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