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How Can Natural Cures Kill Yeast Infections When Drugs Can’t?

Yeast infections can literally become extremely painful.  They are not only a nuisance to women, but they can be horribly uncomfortable, as well.  Women suffer from all kinds of different symptoms, when it comes to yeast infections.  Also, there is no rhyme or reason to why some women only get a yeast infection only once or twice, where others are doomed to chronic yeast infections.

Doctors generally will tell women to try some type of anti-yeast infection drug.  The problem with these drugs is they have many side effects.  And many times, the yeast bacterium is not fully killed.  In fact, many times it is masked by a temporary relief fooling you into believing you have been cured, but then it pops up again, maybe even a month later.  What happens here is the yeast infection hibernates until it is ready to attack again.

So, if drugs may not eliminate your yeast infection, what will?

Natural cures can actually kill yeast infections permanently.  How?  This is because of the fact that these natural cures will actually work with your body to eliminate the infection rather than against it.  Because drugs cannot work with your body, they are not able to fully kill your yeast infection.    Natural methods can balance out the vaginal PH and the natural flora balance of the vagina, which will quickly kill off your yeast infection.  The great news is that you will experience relief much sooner than if you were to use drugs, and you can be assured you will not get that same yeast infection back!

Anyone who has had to suffer through a yeast infection knows that the symptoms are frustrating and very irritable.  Generally, you will suffer from burning, itching, pain and odor.  This can be embarrassing and even more frustrating when you are in public and cannot relieve that itch! 
Even more frustrating is when you finally go to the doctor and are prescribed a medication that should help you attack that yeast infection, only to find out it just helped you for a while and then the all too familiar itch begins again a few weeks later. 

If you have tried different over the counter or prescribed medications and are not able to completely eliminate your yeast infection, check into natural cures.  There are so many different natural methods you can try and many women swear by them. 

Here are just a couple of ideas.  You can search the Internet for even more natural methods.
• Natural yogurt is a popular natural cure and very effective at treating yeast infections.  A great way to apply the yogurt method is to cover a tampon with natural yogurt.  Insert the tampon with yogurt into your vagina and lie down for about one hour.  This should be repeated two or three times each day.  Why can yogurt kill your yeast infections?  It has a bacterium called lactobacillus acidophilus, which kills off the bacterium that causes infections.  It can take several days of this treatment before your infection will completely go away.

• Apple Cider Vinegar is great when used as a bath.  Fill up the bath tub no further than right past the genitals and add 2 cups of apple cider vinegar and 1 to 2 cups of sea salt.  It is important that you use SEA salt and not table salt.

Discover the power of nature with natural yeast infection cures and finally get rid of those painful yeast infections for good!

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