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Yohimbine: The Effective Supplement for Better Men's Health

You might not have heard of “Yohimbine” but it could turn out to be very important to you and your partner. Yohimbine is an herbal supplement that is extracted from the bark of a tree that grows in West Africa. A standardized form of the herb is Yohimbine chloride, which is a medicine that is important in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Studies on animals have shown Yohimbine to have a positive effect on their sexual performance. The herb has been in use for decades to cope with the problem of erectile dysfunction and increase libido. In fact this is the only aphrodisiac that has been approved by FDA.

Yohimbine aids in getting better erections, incase of erection problems. According to studies two thirds of the men surveyed have reported having better sex after taking Yohimbine. According to research Yohimbine works by influencing your nerve cells that are present in your brain that affects sex drive. It might enable your brain to send the signal for you to have an erection. Yohimbine fits into certain areas on your nerve cells. These places are known as alpha-2 receptors and it prevents other chemicals from fitting into the receptors.

Yohimbine instructs your nerve cells to manufacture more of a chemical known as noradrenalin. Noradrenalin is the sex hormone of your body and it is known to stimulate the sex center in the hypothalamus in your brain. When its uptake is blocked it is forced into general circulation that leads to an increase in your heart rate and enhanced alertness, which leads to an improved arousal. These excite the portion in your brain that helps to get an erection. This message then goes from your brain through you nerves to blood vessels in your penis. These vessels open wide and allow extra blood to flow into the penis thus enabling you to get an erection. Noradrenalin also influences your brain to think about sex giving you an erection.

Yohimbine has the ability to enhance noradrenalin levels by almost 66% and explains its affects on increased sexual arousal, intense orgasms, enhanced ejaculation, and also more desire for sex. Yohimbine might be able to help you by giving you longer (as well as firmer) erections, which in the end will make you and your partner get more satisfaction.

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