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What is the O2 Weight Loss Program – and Does it Work?

If you’re like most people, you’re always looking for the next best or biggest thing in weight loss tactics. Over the years you may have tried different approaches, programs, and plans – some which may have worked, and others that weren’t quite so successful. One of the newest programs today is called the “O2“ plan created by Keri Glassman, RD.

The O2 Diet is a diet that was designed by Keri Glassman, RD. The diet is based on the oxygen radical absorbance capacity or ORAC scale. The ORAC scale represents the number and level of “antioxidant activity” in foods per the United Stated Department of Agriculture.

Antioxidants are the natural substances in your body that protect it from harm of disease-producing molecules called free radicals. When your body prevents these hazardous free radicals from invading, it is able to more effectively prevent certain diseases and specific types of cancer.

According to Glassman, the healthy foods on the O2 diet maximize antioxidants so that you not only get the disease-fighting benefits, but your body feels energized, and you’re more likely to lose weight. Taking her education and experience with healthy diets and nutrition, she has formulated a better way of eating which ultimately provides a higher quality of life and overall health.

Glassman’s diet recommends plenty of vegetables, fruits, low-fat dairy, lean protein, healthy fats, herbs, spices, beans, fish, and whole grains. Allowed on the diet are also small amounts of wine and even chocolate during the final phase. The diet also strongly suggests that you remove all the “bad” foods (such as soft drinks, sweets, trans fat, fried foods, baked goods, foods with added sugar, and high fat foods) that can bog down the body and lead to weight gain and fatigue. Changing from the bad foods to quality, healthy foods morphs the body to a lean fat burning machine.
The 02 Diet includes easy recipes, sample meal plans, food journals, and tips to create a lifelong healthy diet. The diet incorporates regular exercise which reduces stress levels, increases sexual performance and desires, and leads to more restful sleep.

Unlike other diets which count the calories of all foods, the O2 Diet exempts veggies from the calorie count and allows you to eat as many veggies as you want.  You still watch the amount of calories of lean proteins, starches, fats, and fruits.

The Three-Phase Plan

The O2 Diet follows a 32-day diet plan starting with a four-day cleansing period where you consume no more than 1,200 calories and 50,000 ORAC points daily. The beginning period is the jump-start phase of the diet to get your body accustomed to the foods.
Phase two of the diet changes to 30,000 ORAC points and no more than 1,500 calories. It is during this phase that you will lose weight.  So depending on the amount of weight you want to lose the longer you will remain in this phase.

The final phase adds additional starch or fruits daily with the allowance of a small slice of chocolate or a small glass of wine.

Dieters are encouraged to use the healthy diet plans after finishing the final phase to maintain their desired weight and overall improved health.

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