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Weight Control Part II-Putting it all together

OK. From the first two articles in this series, we know what we have to do. How do we do it? In the last article we talked about fiber, because it fills you up without a lot of calories. Twenty five and 30 grams per day for women and men, respectively. Most of us don’t even get half that. Where do we get it?

Where to get fiber.

Beans. Kidney beans, navy beans, baked beans, chick peas. Very filling, and satisfying.

Bran cereal. If you put on skim milk, and dress it up with fresh fruit, it’s not too bad.

Whole grains. If you must eat bread, it should be whole grain.

Fruits and veggies. Not as much fiber, but lots of antioxidants.

Lettuce—NOT!! Iceberg lettuce has almost no fiber, and thus is little more than a vehicle for fattening salad dressing. Try raw spinach, or romaine lettuce.

Protein and fat.

You should have these at every meal. Not massive quantities, but enough to last you till the next meal. Again, count calories. Healthy fat, like that found in salmon, is a good choice, but reasonable amounts of beef, chicken, and pork are OK.


Lose the empty carbs and sugar. Too many blood sugar spikes and high levels of insulin. This will make you hungry. Refined, low-fiber and breads and pastries have to go. Eat whole grain breads, but go easy. Again, count calories


More than one way to skin the cat here. Key is to burn 500 calories per day more than you are burning now. Easiest way to do this is to walk or run about 3.5 miles per day. This takes 20-90 minutes per day, depending on how fast you go. Many other ways to burn that extra 500 calories per day.

No way you’re going to lose weight without exercise, unless you starve yourself to death, or take dangerous drugs.

Calories: how many?

Remember, the last two parts of this series emphasized the absolute need to count calories accurately, and made suggestions on how to do this. For most people, 1500 calories a day is a good start. I feel that almost anyone who truly and accurately sticks to this number and does the proper exercise should be able to lose weight at a reasonable rate.

Bottom line:

Follow the guidelines, count your calories, and exercise every day. When you reach your goal, you can ease up a bit, but if you go right back to the same old habits that got you fat in the first place, you’ll be fat in no time.

Good news is that you can do it if you try and stick to it as a lifetime commitment.

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