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Weight and B-12: The Controversy

Growing older often means those few extra pounds that were once easy to get rid of now seem to take a Herculean effort to even budge. It’s no secret people will try most anything to shed, melt, zap, burn, (choose your power verb) those pesky pounds, just like the advertisements claim will happen if you try this product or that.

If you need convincing, look at the weight-loss industry.  It’s a multibillion-dollar business and there is no shortage of desperate consumers to keep it fat and happy in the years to come.

And here’s another thing to think about.  Have you noticed weight loss is often shrouded in controversy?  It seems the experts on either side of the fence can’t reach a consensus about what really works and what doesn’t.  This controversy leaves consumers wondering who and what to believe.

Vitamin B-12 for weight control is in the middle of such controversy.

What is vitamin B 12?

Vitamin B12 is an essential vitamin readily available in meat, eggs, chicken, and fish. Its job is to help in red blood cell production and building DNA. This crucial vitamin also aids in mental alertness, helps produce serotonin, and metabolizes fat and protein for energy.  Not question, it’s vital for good health.

What Proponents of Vitamin B 12 Have To Say

Because vitamin B12 contributes to metabolism, many claim it is a powerful weight loss tool.  Once your metabolism is revved up, you have more energy, burn more calories, and lose fat, right?  You digestion is improved and you can burn more calories in the process. Proponents swear by B 12’s effectiveness in this regard and if you judge by the number of people lining up at weight loss clinics to get their B 12 shots, you’d be inclined to think there’s something to it.

It’s also important to note here that there have been claims that a vitamin B12 deficiency contributes to weight gain.  However, the opposite is true – one side effect of a deficiency is weight loss.

What the Naysayers Have To Say

Scientists, many doctors, as well as nutritionists state that vitamin B 12 is not solely responsible for any weight loss. Instead, it’s the energy produced from vitamin B 12 that allows people to start moving around and finally lose some weight. Also people who are making a conscious effort to drop pounds are more careful with their diets and tend to be more active.  It could be that these two factors are the real contributors to weight loss.

Here’s another reason stated why vitamin B12 supplements don’t work for weight loss.

We need approximately 3 mcg of vitamin B12 each day. If you supplement with injections or pills you are actually getting much more than your body can handle or needs. And because B 12 is water-soluble, whatever your body doesn’t utilize, it eliminates.

The Verdict

There is no magic potion, lotion, or pill that can help you drop 15 pounds overnight.  We both know that’s true. However, it appears when vitamin B12 supplements or injections are part of a sound diet and exercise program, you may have the extra motivation and energy to take control of your weight loss.  And that’s a good thing.

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