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Vitamin C on the FDA Hit List: Could Big Gov't Actually Ban this Essential Vitamin?

You bet they could. According to The Alliance for Natural Health, the FDA has served notice to one pharmacy that it is no longer allowed to manufacturer or distribute injectable vitamin C. And if it does it will be criminally prosecuted.

Wow . . . sounds rather harsh, doesn’t it?  Read on. That’s just the half of it.

You may be wondering just what is so terrible about the injectable vitamin C. Is it dangerous? Not at all.

What it is, is a natural vitamin, which means it can’t be patented.  That means it can’t go through the FDA standard approval process. So what is the FDA’s solution? Why, to ban it of course–despite the fact that vitamin C has shown promise in treating a wide variety of diseases. Or maybe that’s the real agenda here . . . the fact that a natural cure could soon be a preferred treatment means a potentially serious cut in someone’s bottom line.

Oh, the irony. The FDA continues to approve deadly Big Pharma drugs hand over fist. Yet they’re willing to prosecute manufacturers of vitamin C . . . one of the best potential therapies for swine flu, many bacterial and viral infections, and possibly even cancer.

Vitamin C and cancer treatment.

If there’s one thing the FDA cannot stand it’s a natural cure, especially when it comes to serious diseases such as cancer. This is despite the fact that there have been reports of vitamin C helping to heal or altogether eliminate various cancer tumors. Perhaps the FDA sees the writing on the wall and that’s why they’re going after vitamin C. Just about all the alternative cancer treatment clinics have been shut down as we speak. If you eliminate enough natural cures then there’s nothing left except conventional medicine. Profitable conventional medicine.

Studies have been conducted testing the effect of vitamin C on stage 3 and stage 4 cancer patients. According to Robert Hunninghake, a vitamin C expert, “IV vitamin C was found to be very beneficial. It’s not considered a stand-alone therapy for cancer, but it’s a perfect adjunct to any kind of therapy that the cancer patient is receiving at this time. It will reduce side effects and improve quality of life. There has actually been two major studies now showing how it improves the quality of life.”

Cancer brings with it a host of ill effects such as pain, fatigue, and depression–all signs of scurvy, which results from a vitamin C deficiency. Hunninghake goes on to say, “One of the things that vitamin C does, is it immediately relieves their scurvy symptoms. So they start having a greater sense of well-being. They don’t need as much pain medicine. Their appetite improves. Their mood improves. They have a better quality of life.”

What can you do to save vitamin C from the clutches of the FDA?

If you would like to protect your right to intravenous vitamin C the FDA needs to hear from you. If not, this very safe, effective and inexpensive treatment for a variety of health conditions will be denied to you and all Americans. Remember . . . mainstream medicine has no interest in treatments that don’t yield a profit. If vitamin C is on the chopping block now, one has to wonder which vitamin will be next.

Take a stand for all safe and effective natural treatments and let the FDA know you plan to protect your right to vitamin C treatment.

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