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The Best Natural Elements for Joint Relief: 4 Alternatives To Glucosamine

Joint discomfort is common in many people and many are still relying on Glucosamine to ease their pain of joint discomfort – you may be one of them! When Glucosamine was first brought onto the market in 1980, it was considered to be groundbreaking for those who were suffering from joint discomfort. But in the past 30 years, even better products have been discovered to relieve joint pain. Let’s take a look at just a few of the best natural elements for joint relief . . .

Instead of relying on old-fashioned methods for joint discomfort, you can take advantage of some of the newer natural products on the market that can provide the same relief, for less than half of the cost. Many of the newer products work even better than Glucosamine, as they work faster and provide more comfort. Some of the new natural elements for joint relief are:

1. MSM
MSM is a sulfur-supplying element that can help to regenerate cells in the body and is very fast acting when it comes to providing joint discomfort relief. This is available online as well as in health food markets. Many people prefer MSM because of the speed in which it works to relieve joint pain. You may be surprised to see how fast MSM works when compared to Glucosamine for joint pain relief. 

2. Sea Cucumber
Sea cucumber is a natural source of Chondroitin that will help to promote healthy joint tissue. When used in conjunction with the other minerals, it can work well to not only help relieve joint pain, but also make is stronger. Sea Cucumber is available wherever natural supplements are sold. If you want to promote healthy joint tissue, you should consider using this product. Many athletes who are concerned about their joint tissue use sea cucumber as a preventative source to keep their tissues strong. 

3. EPA and DHA
Both EPA and DHA work together to keep your joints limber and help reduce discomfort. These elements are also another preventative measure used by many who want to promote healthy joints. You can use EPA and DHA (found most often in fish oil supplements) as a way to relieve joint discomfort as well as a way to keep your joints limber.

4. Boswellia Serrata
This Indian supplement has been used for centuries to cure inflammation in the joints. As joint discomfort is primarily due to inflammation of the joints, you can get relief by using Boswellia Serrata. 

All of these products together can be used not only just to provide relief to pain in joints, but also to promote healthy joints and recovery. Even better? All of these natural remedies together may cost less than the old fashioned method of using Glucosamine. When used in combination with one another, they are a very effective way to treat joint pain and inflammation.

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