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The Ancient Code to Cheating Father Time

Have you ever noticed how pictures of ancient Buddhist monks look decades younger than they really are – very few wrinkles and skin as smooth as a baby’s bottom?  I have and thought it must be because they spent so much time indoors and covered themselves from head to toe when they went outside. I’m sure that had something to do with it.  After all, everyone knows too much sun exposure can age your skin.

Plus, it’s not unusual for monks to stay healthy and strong well into their nineties. Their simple anti-cancer diet of no red meat and fresh fruits and vegetables undoubtedly comes into play here.

But the real secret is out. There’s much more to their youthful appearance and longevity than staying out the sun and eating right.

The ancient secret of the monks and Thai villagers.

Actually, the secret is centuries old and could account for the ability to hold back Father Time at such astonishing length.  According to legend, Thai villagers and monks have used a little-known herb for hundreds of years to keep them as strong and mentally acute at 70 as they were decades prior. 

It’s called miroesterol, a phytoestrogen (plant estrogen) found in Thai kudzu.  For several years now it’s been targeted at menopausal women dealing with hot flashes, mood swings, and night sweats.  That’s because it mimics human estrogen to correct hormonal imbalance.  It has also shown great promise in combating breast cancer. 

However, now men are jumping on board looking for relief from their aging problems. Even though men should be concerned about high estrogen levels, which can lead to dwindling sex drive, decreased stamina, and a receding hairline, miroesterol could do the trick for them as well. 

The “magic” of miroesterol.

What makes miroesterol such a wonder herb is that it does more than mimic estrogen.  When a man’s estrogen levels get too high, miroesterol actually ties up estrogen receptors so that excess estrogen can’t get a foothold. If a woman’s estrogen level is too low, miroesterol will let loose its estrogenic effect.  Miroesterol doesn’t discriminate – it works equally hard for both men and women to combat the signs of aging.

This means for both sexes wrinkles are smoothed away, “muffin tops” or “spare tires” are easier to whittle away, and skin and hair shine with a healthy glow.  More importantly, it’s safe and potent enough to combat cancer. Research is underway to see if it can help with prostate problems, osteoporosis and even dementia.

Miroesterol could be another argument for the case against using harmful cosmeceuticals to fight the effects of growing older.   More and more we’re realizing that nature has always supplied what we need to live a long, healthy, and fruitful life. More times than not, it’s simply a matter of going back to it.

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